Some New Yorkers Not Happy With New Gun Control Laws

Posted on January 23, 2013. Filed under: Gun Control |

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had a knee jerk reaction and signed some draconian gun laws.

Among the laws enacted, not just banning tactical rifles (aka assault style weapons), he also limited the number of bullets that can be stored in a magazine to 7.

It turns out that retired police officers are unhappy about being lumped in with “regular citizens”. Since they were cops, they are better than “regular citizens”.

This is from the Huffington Post:

Technically, any retired cop with more than seven bullets in a clip would be in violation of the law.

Technically? This is not “technically”! They would be in violation of the law!

“As a law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I understand the importance of instituting a new policy on mandating the limits of bullets that a regular citizen can possess, but as a matter of fact the bad guys are not going to follow this law,” said Norman Seabrook, president of the correction officers union, the city’s second largest.

Bingo! Bad guys are not going to follow that law, which is why it is important that the “regular” citizens be allowed to exercise their rights and be just as well armed as the police.

They also insist that they have to have more bullet capacity in case they wander into a Newtown like situation.

Sandy Hook is a gun-free zone, so if they “wandered” into a situation like that, they would “technically” be in violation of the law again, taking a firearm into a gun-free zone.

Despite the sharp criticism of this loophole in the law, the law enforcement heads were pleased with the move to allow retired cops to keep their names and addresses private if they have weapons.

No Legislature, assembly or Congress should be allowed to write laws that affect only one part of the population, but not others. If retired law enforcement officers are exempt from having their identities, addresses and gun status disclosed, we should all be exempt.

It’s just another example of the government class being exempted from something the rest of us have to deal with. Cops can be exempted so they can protect their families and property, but the average citizen cannot. The people of this nation have to be saddled with Obamacare, yet Congress and the President are exempt (along with several crony corporations).

A law has to apply to everyone equally, or it is an unjust law.

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