The Unionization of Fast Food

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As the union movement in this country dies a slow, painful death, unions are more desperate than ever to add members to their ranks. After Michigan became a Right to Work State, and Wisconsin busted the government employee unions, people fled the unions by the thousands, showing that there are people trapped in these organizations by force.

Enter the Service Employees International Union. This union is furiously trying to unionize workers at the many fast food restaurants around the country. There is currently a campaign, called Fast Food Forwardsupported by the SEIU, in which fast food workers are walking off their jobs and demanding $15, as opposed to the $7.25 they are paid now.

The campaign aims to dispel the myth that most people who work in these fast food joints are not teens, rather ages 25 – 64. The campaign doesn’t disclose how many of those are management.

Working at a fast food restaurant does not require a lot of skill, they are low skill jobs. As such, the employees will be paid less. Instead, they are demanding they get a 107% raise. For low skill work.

“A radical militant labor movement can use strikes and shut-downs to force fast food to pay more. It can also demand the prices stay the same by using shut downs and strikes.”

Demand prices stay the same?

“The only way a movement like this can be successful is if it is aggressive and militant- having work stoppages, blockading franchises, physically keeping out scabs, workers striking in solidarity with each other, and getting the community to come out and support the actions.”

Physically keeping out scabs…. Militant thuggery at its best.

And here is the telling part of the statement:

“The only way for a labor movement to be able to do all those things is for it to be radical- to understand that it is a part of building a larger movement that must eventually tear down the current economic system and replace it with one in which the people democratically control the wealth that they create with their labor. This means radicals must get involved in it.”

That’s socialism/communism at its core. The “people” own the means of production, but the problem is, they still won’t get a share of the wealth they create. Their union taskmasters will.

The ultimate goal of the movement is not to get better wages for the workers, but to tear down the corporation so that the unions control it, not the owners or shareholders.

Want to get better wages? Develop some marketable skills. Go to school, get an education.

But why would people want to do that? It costs money, time, and effort. Why do that when me and my buddies can just band together like a gang of thugs and force a business to give us what we want?

I don’t think they realize that in the end, they will hurt themselves as these corporations scale back workforce and hours in order to compensate for the higher wages they will be forced to pay.

Here in Portland where I live, workers are trying to get the city government to force businesses to pay for sick days. A lot of small businesses can’t afford it. Since most non-management workers never get a sniff of the actual health of the business, they have no idea if the business is struggling or not. They assume that they are working, so the business must be doing okay.

If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I understand that and accept it. Unless I get knocked flat on my back sick, I show up for work every day. I’ve struggled. I know what it’s like to struggle. Most people try to figure out how to better their situations if they are struggling, but now it seems like if people are struggling, they are too lazy to improve their lot. They just want it handed to them on demand, so they unionize. They demand the government force businesses to do something for them, instead of doing for themselves.

One would think that trying to support a family would be incentive enough to improve one’s situation, but apparently not.

That the auto industry got into so much trouble was in part due to the auto worker’s unions. Many state governments are in financial trouble due to the deals they completed with the public employee’s unions. Now they want to do the same to the fast food industry.

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