Obamacare: California to Turn Certified Nursing Assistants into Doctors

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It seems that the nation’s most populous state has a little problem.

California doesn’t have enough doctors to cover the demand that the “Affordable” Care Act is creating.

What’s the state legislatures solution to this problem?

Turn Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, optometrists and pharmacists into doctors!

I know that optometrists are doctors, but they are specialists, not general practitioners. And maybe the headline is a bit much, but they they might as well turn CNAs into doctors, too.

This has been predicted ever since Obamacare was being voted on, and scoffed at by supporters of Obamacare.

But really, do you want to have a pharmacist as your Primary Care Provider? Odds are, people will end up with prescriptions they don’t need in order for pharmacists to line their own pockets.

Doctors opposed to the changes say that giving non-physicians above more autonomy could jeopardize patient safety.

Patient safety isn’t high on the list of priorities for this administration, government control is.

Doctors also say it could drive costs up because those with less education and experience would order more tests and prescribe more antibiotics.

It isn’t just California. Many other states are facing the same issues with healthcare systems that are already strained.

“We’re going to have to provide care at lower levels,” [California Secretary of Health and Human Services Diana Dooley] told [a group of healthcare advocates]. “I think a lot of people are trained to do work that our licenses don’t allow them to.”

So, pharmacists are trained to diagnose diabetes.

This law has been a major clusterfuck from the beginning. The media sold it to us by only highlighting the “good” things in it. Parents could keep their kids on it until the age of 26. No one could be dropped because of preexisting conditions. 30 million people who didn’t have access to healthcare would get access to healthcare.

Now people are starting to discover that premiums have jumped, the price of prescriptions is rising. The cost of braces for your children is increasing. There are a lot of hidden taxes in the law that are hitting the middle class and poor. Medical device manufacturers are passing their tax increases to hospitals, who are passing it off to the patients. 30 million people who may or may not have had healthcare insurance won’t have health insurance. Lower income workers are being laid off or having their hours cut, and they are being required to purchase insurance. It’s putting people in a bind.

But it’s what’s best for the nation, right?

As time goes by, we learn what a bad law Obamacare truly is. It’s an abomination.

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5 Responses to “Obamacare: California to Turn Certified Nursing Assistants into Doctors”

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On one hand health care facilities have a lot of overhead. A large part of that overhead is in salaries. On the other hand programs like Medicare and Medicaid have low reimbursement rates, which makes it hard for the health care facilities to cover their expenses (salaries).

Since nobody is asking to have their taxes raised to help raise the amounts providers are paid for their services two things seem to be happening: 1) Many people believe that an increasing amount of tests/procedures are being ordered to help generate extra revenue-this is speculation. 2) Administrators are looking for ways to cut overhead (salaries)

I think it is a tough situation for everyone involved.

Amazing! Really enjoyable blog post. I’m just bookmarking this weblog currently. Bless you!

It’s already happening here in California. California has 21 regional centers that contract with or “vendor” various nurse agencies to provide nursing services to disabled clients. These “vendored” nurse agencies aresending out Certified nurse assistants to work with medically fragile and severely disabled people in their private homes without being supervised by an RN or LVN while working in the private home. So scary. And violates the law. And nobody is saying anything because it is cheaper than sending an LVN or RN. I guess the protection and health and safety of vulnerable disabled in California doesn’t matter to the government agencies who think cutting costs is the highest priority, though the Lanterman Act says delivering safe services to disabled people is the highest priority. What a fiasco. Quality care today for our most sensitive populations please!

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