Sinking Credibility and the Death of Journalism

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A few months back, Pew Research published a study showing the steady decline of the credibility of the news media in the eyes of the American people. These organizations consisted of all broadcast news, cable news outlets and NPR, along with print media such as USA Today and the New York Times.


Over the last 10 years, the believability ratings have eroded overall, losing 15 points over that 10 year period.

The primary reason for this is that news organizations have become party platforms. Not State run media, yet, but vehicles for the two political parties.

Fox News is generally hated by most Democrats, but mostly loved by Republicans, while MSNBC is loved by Democrats and hated by Republicans. Only the local news has remained generally unchanged.

Most media organizations have a definite left leaning bias. We saw during the last election that outlets such as MSNBC, CNN and NBC attacked Mitt Romney night after night, while Fox attacked the President, night after night. We saw the same thing with Marco Rubio and his drink of water.

The Democrats, through their control of the media, their judicious use of technology, an area where they are killing the Republicans, and their ability to make Republicans look bad, which often isn’t difficult, are winning the battle so far.

As the news media works more along partisan lines, so go the people. However, the news has disappeared and has been replaced with editorials and opinion. The news hosts are constantly injecting their opinions into a “news” story. Megan Kelly of Fox News is notorious for this. Then they bring in the two or more so-called “experts” and pundits to talk over and yell at each other. The weekend “news” shows on the broadcast networks is more of the same. Rinse and repeat.

Then there are the afternoon opinion shows that people mistake for news, and these are extremely partisan, almost to the point of dishonesty (and in some cases, blatant dishonesty). I don’t think there is anyone more dishonest than Chris Matthews, except for maybe Ed Schultz.

Seriously, Lawrence O’Donnell more or less challenged Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, to a fight. Matthews talked about “bringing his knives” out during the election.

The media no longer cares about credibility. They care about their ratings, getting their candidates elected, no matter the cost. They are obsessed with celebrity and royalty. I frankly, got tired of hearing about the Oscars and the red carpet and what celebrities were wearing. I just don’t care. I wish the Real Housewives would be swallowed up by the earth.

A few years ago, when the John Edwards scandal broke, it was the National Enquirer that broke that story, not the mainstream media.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the New York Times is scooped by the National Enquirer.

The media decides what stories we hear, what we read. There is more room and more time to put stories on the internet, but stories still get buried. Benghazi was, for the most part, a non-story for most outlets. Many people testified before Congress, and while the media covered it, they moved on quickly needing to get back to their latest Kardashian story.

As I write this, there is not a single story on about the possibility that a non-profit group is selling access to the President and the White House. I don’t see a single story about Senator Bob Menendez and his affinity for hookers and underage girls.

The internet media is just as partisan as the print and broadcast media. Same lapdogs, different medium. When news follows a political party’s ideology, it’s no longer news, it’s propaganda, true or not.

Journalism is dead. It died with Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. The media is no longer the watchdog of the government, it has become the lapdog of the parties.

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