Mitch Greenlick Throws Ceasefire Oregon Under the Bus

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Yesterday, I wrote about primary sponsor Mitch Greenlick admitting that HB 3200 was pretty flawed.

According to an Oregonian story yesterday (link to Oregon Firearms Federation), the outrage was so great that Greenlick stopped taking phone calls, and claims to have deleted one thousand emails that he received over the weekend.

In addition, Greenlick would later throw Ceasfire Oregon under the bus, claiming that they had written the bill. As of my writing yesterday, I suspected they may have written it, but wasn’t sure. (Scroll down to see the OFF alert)

So there we have it. Our legislators and Congress are voting on bills that someone else has written. If they are going to do that, they should at least read the damn things before introducing them. It would save them a lot of embarrassment, and a lot of taxpayer money.

One of the most insidious provisions in the bill was the “inspection” by the county sheriff.

Okamoto said that her group believed that gun owners didn’t need the guns covered by HB 3200  for such purposes as hunting and self defense.  And she argued that gun owners who kept one of the guns under the proposed ban in the bill would be “agreeing to allow this search.”

Which would pretty much be every modern weapon in existence. But Okamoto is delusional if she thinks that a government mandated search is the same as an agreement to subject yourself to a search.

However, as much as Greenlick tries to backpedal, he still can’t hide his true intentions.

Greenlick said he would want to greatly amend the bill if it started to move through the process.  For now, he said, it’s mostly stimulating debate.

“It’s not where they [most legislators] want to go and it’s not where I think we’re going to go,” said Greenlick, “but it’s where we should be going.”

It’s not stimulating debate. It’s stimulating outrage. But the man, who is nearly 80, is getting senile if he thinks that taking away our rights is “where we should be going”.

As for the emergency provision at the end of the bill, it’s not as nefarious as it seems.

I emailed five different representatives this morning, including Mitch Greenlick, and only two responded (both Democrats, surprisingly, including Mitch Greenlick). Both said that all it means is that it goes into effect immediately on being approved by the Governor, instead of on January 1 after the current session as is normally the case.

1987 Topps Jeff Reardon

Not Oregon Representative Jeff Reardon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Representative Jeff Reardon’s office:

The phrase “This 2013 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2013 Act takes effect July 1, 2013.”  As well as the “Declares emergency, effective July 1, 2013” is making sure that their effective date is the day listed which is also the day the governor signs the bill. This happens after the passing of the bill in both the house and the senate.

It is often put on all bills that don’t have a written in ‘effective date.’ (as in, it is not something that starts with the new school year, new year, or after tax filing etc.)

It is used on 20 to 40% of bills per session.

This is NOT the same as  a ‘state of emergency’ as declared by the President or the Governor.

The same is true if it says effective upon passage.

Ceasefire Oregon’s website says one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life.

“Large-capacity ammunition magazines have been used in half the mass killings in the last 30 years,” the organization says on its website. “At least make the shooters stop to reload. Give us a chance.”

You have a chance.

Buy a gun.

Learn to use it.

Carry concealed.


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2 Responses to “Mitch Greenlick Throws Ceasefire Oregon Under the Bus”

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The emergency clause IS just as nefarious as it seems. The fact that it goes into effect immediately means a citizen won’t have time to file a case against HB 3200. Any injunction put in place by a court will come to late to prevent any harm from coming about due to an unconstitutional law.

I understand where you are coming from, and I agree that any such law is unconstitutional, not only the US Constitution, but the Oregon Constitution as well (Article I, Section 27), but I don’t agree that the emergency provision is as nefarious as it is being played up on the internet. I’m sure that firearms groups like OFF and the NRA are already preparing to go before a judge and have an injunction slapped on the law before the ink from the Governor’s signature is even dry. The emergency provision is being reported as though a state of emergency is being declared, and Representative Jeff Reardon’s office made it clear that this is not the same as the Governor declaring a state of emergency. I do think that this practice needs to stop.
Law enforcement has been cut so drastically in this state that there are not enough law enforcement officials to go door to door confiscating weapons even if they wanted to. The bill relies on the people turning their weapons in, and while I am sure that there are some who will, the majority won’t, especially since the bill gives 120 days, (approximately 4 months) from the date of enactment to comply. That’s plenty of time to have an injunction placed on the law.

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