Mitch McConnell to Surrender to Obama

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It is being reported by Politico, that GOP leaders in the Senate are pondering a bill that would cancel the Sequester and surrender their “power of the purse” to Obama and let him make the decisions as to where the spending cuts should fall.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnel of Kentucky.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnel of Kentucky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guarantee you that if they do that, there will be no spending cuts, not that the Sequester would have actually done anything. The Sequester called for about a 2.4% trim from the budget deficit, but the government would still end up spending more than it did in 2012 by about $7 billion. Not a lot, but CBO projections show the budget continuing to grow for the next 10 years, where it will grow larger than $6 Trillion.

Mitch McConnell is a weak and ineffective leader. It is time for him to step aside and let someone else take the reins. He can’t take the heat and every time the pressure is turned up, he wilts.

No bill can, and should not be able to, override the Constitution. Congress has authority over revenue and paying the bills, not the President. That is not one of the Executive’s enumerated powers, and Congress, although they are weak and ineffective, should not be giving additional powers to the President.

Even though they would retain the right to overturn any of his budget cuts, this would still set a dangerous precedent.

This is obviously a political attempt to make the President look bad by forcing him to be the Harbinger of Death and forcing him to choose the cuts. However, it doesn’t help the country at all.

Instead of figuring out how to fight back, all the Senate GOP members can think about is saving their own collective, worthless asses.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and President Obama have both pushed back on this, saying on Tuesday, that “there’s no smart way” to make $85 billion in cuts before the end of the fiscal year.

No smart way? That sounds like pure laziness and an unwillingness to even look. The President has set out to make the cuts as draconian as he can in an attempt to make Republicans look bad, releasing a list of cuts that would impact school children, travel, the military and, of course, senior citizens.

No cuts to NASA. No cuts to foreign aid. No cuts to duplicate programs within the Federal government.

And, of course, no cuts to green energy cronies and their loan guarantees.

“We get whiplash around here,” Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said. “One day the Republicans are saying [Obama’s] got too much power, and the next day they’re saying, ‘Give him all the power.’ It gets confusing.”

I have to agree with Senator McCaskill here.

On the flip side, however, the President continues to call for more revenues. He has an insatiable appetite for tax revenue. Even if the Republicans gave him everything that he wanted, tax increases on those making above $200,000 a year, you know, the millionaires and billionaires among us, he would still want more. His stealth taxes on the Middle Class, otherwise known as Obamacare, are slowly starting to take effect.

The President is high on revenues, but not so much on spending cuts and entitlement reform.

Governing through political brinksmanship and grandstanding is not governing. The reason that the governments approval ratings are so low is because the American people are tired of the flip-flopping, the political posturing and the brinksmanship games.

Do what’s best for the country, not what you think is best for your party.

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