Are Humans Devolving into Dummies?

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Portland, OR at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do we seem to be experiencing an increase in mass shootings over the past couple of years?

According to researchers at Stanford and Harvard, the answer could be because that, evolutionarily speaking, we are becoming dumber and more emotionally unstable.

If you need proof that we are getting dumber, just look at the clowns we send to Washington.

According to researchers at Harvard, what we ingest is lowering our intelligence.

Portland, Oregon is intent on putting fluoride into the water supply in order to assist children to have better, stronger teeth. There is a group that is against this plan, and they are wanting to bring it up to a vote.

According to Harvard research, fluoride in the water supply is causing a decline in human intelligence, so they may be on to something. In fact, fluoride in large doses is toxic, and at lower dosages can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Chronic exposure to fluoride can also interfere with bone formation. It sounds like a trade off that really isn’t worth it.

Personally, I didn’t care whether the water was fluoridated or not, but as I’ve been researching it, I am now completely against it.

According to other studies, pesticides, high fructose corn syrup and processed foods also contribute to our dumbing down.

There have been questions about aspartame.

However, there are several things that these studies either never ask, or never mention.

We have grown into a culture of better living through chemistry. What effect are pharmaceuticals such as Zoloft, Prilosec, Viagra, Ciallis, and Amberen having on our body chemistry?

I just love their commercials.

Taking this pill will cure your heartburn, but you may experience explosive flatulence, sudden gambling addictions, the urge to walk down the freeway in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, thoughts of suicide or harming others. You may feel depressed while taking this pill or after you stop taking this pill. 

Why on earth does the Food and Drug Administration approve these things? The cynical side of me says that they do it based on how much money they have contributed to various campaigns (see the aspartame article).

We have no idea what the long term effects of these drugs and chemicals are, and how they will impact the generations that follow us, long after we are dust on this earth. We have no idea what the long term effects of soap, oil, gas, household cleaners, makeup, makeup remover, nail polish, nail polish removal, shampoo, deodorant or hairspray has on us or changing the chemistry and DNA that we pass on to our children.

I’m not trying to be alarmist here. It’s just something I think about from time to time. If we splash a chemical on our skin, we wash it off, but a small amount is still absorbed through the skin. The odors of air freshener and kitchen cleaner gets absorbed into our lungs, even if we don’t get any on our skin.

Truth be told, I am less concerned about household cleaner and hygiene products than I am about the drugs. I am more concerned that the FDA can be subjected to financial and political pressures to approve something questionable. Now you know how some of these things are getting approved.

Our safety is for sale in Washington.

It’s just food for thought. Maybe I’m wrong and there aren’t any changes going on. I’m not a doctor or a chemist after all. I just sit and wonder about these things. And worry.


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