Barack Obama: Lobbyist in Chief

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White House press secretary Jay Carney seems to be spending much of his time in damage control mode recently.

Over the weekend, editorials ran in both the New York Times and Washington Post criticizing the new Organizing for Action lobbyist group policy that says if you donate $500,000 to their cause, you will be granted access to the president in quarterly meetings, and then some.

Jay Carney stepped before the White House press and said (with a straight face) “Any notion that there is a set price for a meeting with the president of the United States is just wrong.”

Of course, we know that these press secretaries say what they are told to say, whether it is true or not. Ask Robert Gibbs about the secret drone program.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama promised to drive lobbyists and special interests out of Washington. One of his most frequent guests to the White House was Andy Stern, then the head of the SEIU. By the end of his first term and his reelection campaign, we had learned one very important thing about this man. He isn’t a leader.

He’s a campaigner, a salesman.

A lobbyist.

He had a Democrat controlled Congress for the first half of his first term, and the only major thing he was able to ram through was Obamacare. He couldn’t even get the DREAM Act through, and had to resort to issuing an executive order in order to secure the Latino vote.

Once Congress became split in 2010, largely as a result of Obamacare, it has become harder for him to get anything through them.

He says he wants to get the deficit under control, but wants to do it in a balanced way by increasing taxes on the wealthy, but then everyone’s taxes went up. With the sequester fight, he was once again on the campaign trail saying he wants a balanced approach, that he needs more revenue. Which, of course, means more taxes on us.

This is a man who will do anything to get his way. He routinely surrounds himself with doctors, firefighters, police, military, children and anyone who he believes will help him further his cause. He makes stump speeches around the country, and laments in press conferences how he isn’t a dictator. He gets testy when reporters question the narrative.

He kept maintaining throughout the campaign that the sequester would never happen, and said more than once that it was Congress’ idea, a fact that we now know is not true.

Instead of lamenting that you are not a dictator and that you could not have the secret service bar the door, you could have told them that you expect them to resolve this, and come to a compromise, and sequester yourselves at Camp David until this is resolved. McConnell and Reid showed earlier this year that they can compromise when they have to and come up with a solution.

This would mean, however, that you have to be open to listening, but this president has shown time and again that listening is not his strong suit. Compromise is not in his nature. It is his way or the highway.

He believes that most of the American people agree with him. That is not a logical conclusion. Yes, he won 51% of the total votes cast, but only 2/3 of the country voted. That means that there were about 62 million people who did not cast ballots, and that could have swung the election in a different direction.

Allowing donors access to the President’s ear based on how much they have donated to a lobbying group, and exposes the president as the Lobbyist in Chief. The president can send Jay Carney out every day and say that he is not beholden to special interests. his actions say differently.

When is the country going to wake up and watch their President’s actions, and not listen to his flowery words?

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2 Responses to “Barack Obama: Lobbyist in Chief”

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It’s hard to imagine something more inappropriate than the direct affiliation of the presidency in an unregulated fundraising organization like Organizing for Action.

Unfortunately, I think it sets a bad precedent for presidents to come.

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