Lars & the Real Drones

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Lars Larson, local right wing talk show host provocateur, has taken the side of the Obama administration when it comes to using drone strikes to kill American citizens, no matter where or what the circumstances. According to his rationalization, making the use of drones illegal in all circumstances is foolish, and akin, in his eyes, to the gun control logic. He also believes that using a drone to kill a citizen without due process is the same as a cop killing someone without due process.

Mr. Larson has been becoming more of a national figure as of late, becoming a fixture on Fox News, particularly on Megyn Kelly’s show. Methinks he is gunning to become the new Rush Limbaugh.

I listen to Lars a lot, and I agree with him on a lot of subjects, but this isn’t one of them. Simply put, I think Lars is being foolish and drinking the kool-aid, as he puts it.

For the gun control argument, we, as individuals are guaranteed certain rights. The government does not have rights, it has powers. There is a big difference there. Powers can be given or taken away, or restricted. Rights can’t be taken away. They can be restricted, but only until the people have had enough of it.

Yes, cops kill people without due process all the time. However, this falls under the category of justifiable homicide when a cop shoots a perpetrator or suspect when the subject is a threat to police or others. An imminent threat, so to speak. They are on the scene.

A drone strike, however, is planned out. The drone has to be armed with the intention of killing. The government/law enforcement officials have to know exactly where you are, and not be on the scene, or unable to reach the scene. If they can reach the scene, there is no reason for drones.

But drones also means the possibility of collateral damage/deaths.

There is a huge chasm between justifiable homicide and homicide.

The danger does not lie necessarily in this president doing this, but on some future president expanding on it, and taking it to our skies to kill our people.

Don’t think it will happen? The Obama administration has already expanded on the Bush administration’s killing of an American citizen as “collateral damage”, to specifically targeting an American citizen overseas.

It isn’t that far of a leap to expand it to the American skies. In fact, the argument can be made that law enforcement has already murdered citizens, not justifiable homicides, but possibly pre-meditated murder. The government virtually wiped out the Indians. Law enforcement murdered people at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and recently down in Los Angeles when the cabin Chris Dorner was hiding in was deliberately set on fire.

I have no issues with law enforcement using drones like they use helicopters today to track suspects, but if they say they have no intention to do something, that’s when you should get worried. The government has a history of killing people in its way.

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