Feinstein: Legal to Hunt Humans, and PTSD “New” Phenomenon

Posted on March 11, 2013. Filed under: Politics |

There seems to be some sort of contest going on in Washington DC to see who can win the Dumbest Senator of the Year Award.  From BFF’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham blasting Rand Paul for his filibuster last week to Chuck Schumer being, well, Chuck Schumer the idiots seem to feel they need to take center stage.

Enter Dianne Feinstein. Again.

The Senator often sticks her foot in her mouth, and doesn’t seem to care whether anything she says is stupid or not, just as long as she gets her way.

A couple of weeks ago, during the hunt for Chris Dorner, a spokesperson for her and dimwit Barbara Boxer came out and said “The Senators feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons from law enforcement and private citizens so no one else gets hurt. When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

Remove all weapons from law enforcement? I’m sure Chris Dorner would have been all for that. It would have made his mission easier.

To suggest that law enforcement should put down all their weapons is as silly as saying all weaponry should be removed from the hands of the citizens.

To suggest that a gunman will lay down their weapons when they realize that no one else is armed is willful ignorance. Humans, for the most part are good, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is. There are always bad seeds and bad people out there. To overreact and take action against the majority of people who have committed despicable acts is not the solution to the problem, it will only exacerbate the problem.

Last week, Feinstein was busy sticking her foot in her mouth yet again.

“The time has come, America, to step up and ban these weapons. The other very important part of this bill is to ban large capacity ammunition feeding devices, those that hold more than 10 rounds. We have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds,” she said. “And yet it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines. Limiting magazine capacity is critical because it is when a criminal, a drug dealer, a deranged individual has to pause to change magazines and reload that the police or brave bystanders have the opportunity to take that individual down.” [Emphasis is mine]

Where in this country is it legal to hunt humans?

She then went after our veterans, claiming that PTSD is a new phenomenon.

“The problem with expanding this is that, you know, with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transferrer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this,” she said.

A new phenomenon, a product of the Iraq War.

Because no Vietnam veteran, Korea veteran, World War II veteran, or World War I veteran ever suffered from symptoms of it. In the First World War, it was referred to as shell shock, in the Second World War, it was Battle Fatigue. By Vietnam, is was referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I’m sure that soldiers prior to the First World War suffered from issues as well. Some people can deal with it, but some can’t. It is unfair to throw a blanket over all of our veterans and say they all suffer.

I think she must be partaking of the medicinal marijuana when she’s in California.

Either that, or she is suffering from delusional paranoia. The woman is nearly 80. I think it’s time she step aside, and she let some other Democrat lunatic take over in her stead.

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