The Second Amendment and Mandatory Gun Ownership

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I make it no secret that I am a supporter of the Second Amendment. I make no apologies for it. I, myself, do not own any guns at the moment, though there is this shotgun I’ve been eyeing.

I don’t believe in gun control. I don’t think it will do what proponents believe it will do.

That said, I don’t think that anyone should be forced to own a gun, either.

Towns in Utah, Georgia and Maine have been considering making firearm ownership mandatory. (In Kennesaw, Georgia, gun ownership is mandatory)

The resolution has recently been defeated in Maine.

However, this is the opposite extreme of the gun control crowd. The government, at any level, does not have the right to take your rights away from you. They also should not have the power to force you to buy a product from a third party. This has been my argument against Obamacare, and it remains my argument here.

Unfortunately, Obamacare set the precedent of the government forcing citizens to purchase a third party product.

There are people out there who are afraid of guns, who abhor them and abhor violence. I understand that.

But for those who believe that taking your Second Amendment rights is an act of tyranny, what does that make taking away someone’s right to not keep and bear arms, if they choose not to?

Why has our society devolved into this “we must tell everyone how to live their lives” mentality? You may not like what I choose to do with my life. I may not like what you choose to do with yours. In the end, it is my life and I thought I was free to choose what I want for my life. I didn’t say what was best, I said what I want.

Stay out of my home, and stay out of my life! I thought I was free!

Apparently not.

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