Spy Hard

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Reuters is reporting today that the Obama administration is making plans to allow all US spy agencies to pour over American financial data in order to unearth terrorists and crime syndicates.

This is the dark side of technology.

Legal experts say that the plans are legal under US law. I wonder what laws those are, because the Fourth Amendment specifically states this is a no-no. They want that information, they need to subpoena it.  Otherwise, in my opinion, it is illegal search and seizure.

“But, if you’re doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about!”

It doesn’t matter. My financial transactions are private, and though the bank keeps records of them, it is not the government’s business unless they can produce a warrant.

Plus, it is illegal for the CIA to work within the borders of the United States ( a fact lost on Hollywood).

This is further evidence that the Federal government is out of control and abusing its authority. They feel they can do as they please today by simply slapping the word “terrorism” on it.

Just because a law is passed doesn’t make it Constitutional, or right. To require banks to report “suspicious” transactions without a warrant is a violation of privacy. Banks often go far beyond what is required of them to ensure that they can’t be accused of not making the proper reports, according to the story.

Once the government gets rolling relieving, us, the little people of the everyday burdens of our civil liberties, it never stops. The train rolls on further towards oppression.

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