Government on the People, from the People, screw the People

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Government, by its very nature, is not benevolent. That’s not to say that there is not good things it could be doing. Government is about power. Government is run by those who are trying to expand their own power and their own bottom line.

Government spending

The Founding Fathers believed that government could be benevolent, if it was held in check. John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton has been quoted from one of his letters:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.

Although he was not the first to say this, he is the most often quoted.

Frank Herbert, the author of the Best Selling Dune series expanded on this idea:

Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.

We have been blessed with the greatest system of government that the world has ever seen. But recent polls are showing that we, the people, are starting to believe that there is something wrong with the system. The only thing wrong with the system is that it is run by people. People, no matter their motives, can be easily influenced and corrupted.

When a candidate is elected, promising to work to change Washington, he is told early on after arriving in Washington that that’s not how things work there. If they want to get any of their legislation passed, they will play ball and not make waves. I once saw Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) in a documentary (I don’t remember which one) say that during party lunches, they were constantly reminded that they should not cross the party, that if they did, there would be serious consequences.

Bayh ended up not running for reelection in 2010.

If James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they would be shocked and appalled at what this government, and the political party that they started has become.

Government is granted powers, not rights. Individuals have rights.  Slowly, over time the government tries to relieve the people of their rights. They never do it all at once, but slowly over time, and always for the “public good” or “public safety”.

Eric Holder - Caricature

Eric Holder (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Federal Attorney General Eric Holder is becoming Obama’s point man on the crusade against the Second Amendment. He is quoted as saying

“we need to discuss who we are as a nation, talk about the freedoms that we have, the rights we have and how those might be used in a responsible way.”

You’re right, Mr. Holder. We need to talk about the rights we have. A long discussion.

Rights are something that we, by birthright as human beings have, and cannot be granted or taken away by government.

Let’s start with so-called “hate” speech.  Unless the purpose of the words is to incite panic, a riot, or someone to perform an unlawful act, it is perfectly okay to say. But those who are easily offended and don’t want to hear it have attempted to put that kind of speech into a box, citing “public concerns”. I don’t agree when someone says “Death to the Jews!”, or “All gays should be put on an island and left them fend for themselves”. There are those who would take offense to things like that, for good reason, too, but people have a right to say it.

The government is trying to disarm us, not by running out and taking our weapons away from us, but by restricting our access to them. That way it doesn’t look so bad. In the meantime, DHS is purchasing semi-automatic “assault” rifles, and nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition.

The Federal government is building massive databases loaded with personal information about its citizens; financial data, social security numbers, credit card numbers, texts, phone calls, emails, Facebook statuses, all in the name of combating “terrorism”.

Drones are starting to take the the skies to spy on us, and the current administration is working up plans to allow the CIA to spy on us as well. Cameras are everywhere. The police are now using facial recognition software to find people in crowds. The state is watching. When I was growing up, this is the kind of thing I would expect from the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. We never imagined it would happen in our lifetime.

Watching. Searching. This administration has declared itself judge, jury and executioner if you are a citizen living overseas and they “suspect” you of being an “imminent” threat. No need to prove it, just kill them and the problem is solved.

How long before this is implemented in this country, under the guise of “the public good” and “helping law enforcement”?

The government controls our education system. Is it any wonder that the education of our children is getting worse? Schools are more worried about “Pop-Tart” guns, bubble making guns, T-shirts with messages they don’t agree with and teaching our children to be “tolerant” and “politically correct” rather than focusing on reading, writing, math and sciences. Shockingly, 80% of all New York City high school graduates can’t read at the 12th grade level, and will have to relearn those skills before they can even get into the city’s community colleges!

If we promised our children better, we have really dropped the ball. There are those out there that like to tout programs such as Head Start as helping our children get a good education from an early age. If Head Start is truly beneficial, or if it carries through, why can’t our children read?

Why can’t they do basic math?

The left thinks that it’s because we don’t put enough money into it. That’s leftist logic at its best. If it isn’t working, its because you haven’t done enough. We need the same remedy, only more of it.

Meanwhile, Congress votes themselves raises that don’t go into effect until the next session, but most know that they’ll be back. We pay pensions for retired Congresspeople and Presidents. We pay for security of former presidents. Why? Honestly, has anyone tried to assassinate a former president?

We have justices who sit on the bench who are more concerned about their legacy than the law.

We have government agencies that make rules that govern us by fiat, without oversight from Congress, or, as in the case of the FDA, pressured by Congress or bought by business to get a product to market. Research aspartame some time. In fact, the FDA has admitted in court that vaccines that we are to give our children still contain mercury in them! One step further, they have also admitted that the chicken we eat contains arsenic, a known poison.

This is the government that’s supposed to protect us from this stuff? It sounds more like they are trying to kill us!

The government has grown into the Aristocracy that George Mason feared over 200 years ago. We have a First Family who take lavish vacations, often at different locations, at the expense of the taxpayer, while the rest of us struggle. It seems like shades of Marie Antoinette.

Meanwhile, the President wants us, the taxpayers to pay for his “green” energy agenda, to buy “green” vehicles that most of us can’t afford, to give loans to companies that quickly fail. To bail out his union supporters at companies, such as GM and Chrysler, then quietly sell them off at a major loss. These companies then start moving jobs overseas.

He drives up energy prices, making it more expensive to heat your home. Seniors on social security struggle to keep the gas on. Cities are starting to outlaw fireplaces. They had done the same thing where I live a few years back, telling us all over the news that we could not use our fireplace. It was one of the coldest days of the winter, and there was snow everywhere.

We didn’t let that stop us from building a fire. We were cold, and we weren’t the only ones! Several of our neighbors had fires going as well.

Taxes are climbing to an oppressive levels. I should not have to surrender at least a third of my paycheck to the government to pay to feed someone else. I need to feed my family! If you are so damned gung-ho for feeding the poor, donate your money and time to a local soup kitchen. Buy your neighbors some groceries. Don’t tell me that I have to surrender some of mine to give to someone else when I need it for my family.

We have representatives who vote against appropriations bills so they can tell their constituents that they are trying to keep government spending under control, then go and beg for some of that money to take home to their constituents. If you  vote against an appropriation, then you shouldn’t be able to dip into it. If you want to use it, have the balls to vote for it, or keep your hands off it.

The states, at the same time, should be able to accept or reject such appropriations if they don’t want it or need it, not forced to take it. Check and balance.

It’s not the system. It’s that the system has been corrupted by those who were sent to preserve and protect it. Perverted by lawyers whose job it is to analyze ever period, every comma, every “i” and every “t”.

Every person who claims that the government is not trying to strip our rights, is either ignorant, willfully ignorant, or one of the perpetrators. There can be no other explanation.


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