Oregon Teacher’s Union Opposes Voters Knowing What They Are Voting On

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Once again, the Oregon Public Employee’s Unions are trying to tamper with the voting system here in Oregon.

Oregon law requires that anytime ballots are sent to voters and a potential tax increase is on the ballot, the envelope must be stamped in red: CONTAINS VOTE ON PROPOSED TAX INCREASE.

English: A voter returns his vote-by-mail ball...

A voter returns his vote-by-mail ballot in Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Oregon Education Association (the Oregon Teacher’s Union) has convinced the legislature to look at the issue, and perhaps take action.

This is absolute bullshit. Back when Measure 37 was in effect, the measure that allowed people to decide how to use their own property rather than the government, they came up with a ballot measure to repeal it, and they used focus groups to determine what ballot title would most likely influence voters to vote for the repeal.

Now they are wanting to further dumb down the voters by not letting them know that the ballot contains a tax initiative.

Why would they want that? Because voters are more active when Oregon has a tax initiative on the ballot, and it gets defeated. So they are trying to trick the public by keeping this information quiet.


Of course, the Union has a vested interest in the vote. The vote is about reforming the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). The Democrat controlled legislature is doing their crony union supporters bidding by reviewing the system.

The PERS system is slowly killing this state, and it needs to be reformed. The public employees in this state get better benefits than other retirees in this state, and better than most public employees in neighboring states.

A long time ago, we voted in a measure that said that if government revenues exceeded the budget by a certain amount, we got got the difference returned to us. This went for both corporations and individuals.

Opponents have long searched for a way to kill the “kickers” as they are called. They have succeeded in taking the corporate kicker away, but continue to search for a way to take the individual one away. They they can funnel that money into a “rainy day” fund.

Like government would ever save money for a rainy day. No one buys that line of bull.

Government trying to deceive the citizens at the behest of a public employees union. Why does that not surprise me?

I believe that all public employees unions should be abolished. PEUs pit government workers, our supposed servants, directly against the taxpayers. They often make more than the private sector does, and obviously get better benefits, especially when they retire.

This kind of chicanery is exactly why the Public Employee’s Unions should be busted.

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