Reid Drops Feinstein’s Gun Control and Other Gun Control news

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Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Gun rights advocates are celebrating that Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has single-handedly defeated Diann Feinstein’s draconian assault weapons and magazine ban. He has dropped it as part of an overall gun control bill, but has said that she can try to add it as an amendment, but he believes that she doesn’t have the votes to get it.

A solid victory for gun rights advocates! You got that, AND pissed Michael Moore off at the same time! What could be sweeter than that?

Not so fast. Now is not the time to sit on our laurels and bask in the light of victory. This battle has only just begun.

Reid has his own gun control package he wants to pass, and he dropped Feinstein’s bill because he thought it would harm his overall gun control bill.

Which means, obviously, there is a gun control bill on the horizon.

However, Feinstein said she won’t roll over and play dead. She has suggested that she will break her bill into smaller packages and feed them to the Senate to have a vote, one at a time if needed.

Reid’s new gun bill will hit the floor in April, but who knows when Feinstein’s bill(s) will come to the floor.

In other news, Colorado has signed laws that greatly expand background checks and limits the sizes of magazine.

Magpul, manufacturer of gun accessories such as magazines, has said that if these bills are signed into law, they would be moving their company out of Colorado.

The response from Colorado’s government?

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

In New York, where the governor Andrew Cuomo signed the SAFE Act into law, his approval is plummeting. People are angry over the law. They have also arrested a man for selling two semi-automatic rifles and 300 rounds of ammunition, felonies under the new state law.

This is getting crazy folks. Totalitarianism is settling over us. These people don’t care about saving the lives of children. Children are pawns to them, pawns to be used to tax more money from us, and systematically take our rights away.

Feinstein is like the crazy aunt you hide away in the attic. No one takes her seriously anymore. She feels she was betrayed by Reid. She was betrayed by her nutcase ideas. She needs to be put to pasture. Most of them need to be put to pasture. The Constitution requires a minimum age to be elected to the Senate. It may be time to set a maximum age in the Senate to move some of the Alzheimer’s patients out of the government.

In the meantime, DHS is refusing to answer to Congress, explaining why they have purchased so much ammunition, “assault weapons” and armored vehicles.

There are those who think that we are being paranoid about Congress (and our state legislatures) trying to strip our rights away from us, but when the government has a non-military agency stockpiling weapons and ammunition, we have every reason to be paranoid.

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