More Obamacare Catastrophes

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Let’s see, I’ve chronicled:

  • the hidden taxes of Obamacare
  • How 30 million people will still be without insurance
  • How businesses are cutting hours or laying people off to cover the costs of Obamacare
  • How some states will be experiencing shortages of doctors
  • How State run universities will be cutting adjunct professors
  • How employers are dumping coverage for their employees and forcing them into exchanges
  • That Obamacare taxes will be twice that originally estimated
  • How California is contemplating allowing pharmacists to act like doctors
  • How doctors are scheduling up to 12 patients at a time to move them through like cattle
  • Doctors that will retire early, to avoid having to deal with Obamacare, creating an even larger shortage of doctors
  • Hidden taxes on your pets
  • Employers demanding a yearly physical, and that information from your doctor
  • How insurance premiums are going up, as much as 40%, instead of going down
  • Hidden gun regulations
Obamacare Protest at Supreme Court

Obamacare Protest at Supreme Court (Photo credit: southerntabitha)

When I talked about the group appointments, I had mentioned mass mammograms for women.

Well, that was kind of sexist of me. I should include men in the group as well.

Welcome to the mass prostate exam, or the collective colonoscopy.

Feel better, ladies?

While I believe in personal responsibility, I don’t think it is the role of government to force someone to be responsible. I don’t think it is their role to force you to purchase a third party product, or face a new tax. Even though Obama kept insisting that the tax penalty was not a tax, the Supreme Court disagreed with him.

The Obamacare law had a large input from health insurers and big pharma. The end result is that insurance companies now have a larger risk pool, and will make more profits while we have the gun to our heads.

While insurance premiums have been rising, health insurers are now warning that they will go up even more, that it could more than double for some people. So much for affordable, and so much for costs decreasing.

Another article says that more doctors will retire earlier than the planned 1 to 3 years that most expected. Because of falling incomes, they don’t expect that young people will take the time and expense to replace retiring doctors.

Those who believe that people become doctors for the betterment of mankind are deluding yourselves. People become doctors for the same reason that people become lawyers; the money. Anyone who thinks differently, that people are altruistic by nature are deluding themselves.

We now face even more shortages.

Those who don’t think this is a government power grab, consider this. Most of the states run by the Republicans have declined to set this up and run it, so, as required by law, the Federal government has to step in and set it up and run it, creating even more bureaucracy. For those states that are controlled by Democrats, they are racing to get things set up, but don’t have enough time to implement all the regulations, which means the Federal government will likely have to step in and take it over.

But that’s not government run healthcare. Not at all.

In a funny move, Republican Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) added amendments to the budget proposal that would require the President, Vice President and the Cabinet to get their insurance through exchanges, something Obama said he would do in 2014 when the time came. Given his track record on following through with his promises, it is unlikely that he would follow through.

Meanwhile, supporters of Obamacare continue to keep their heads firmly entrenched up their asses.

it dont seem to be the “monster” and ruination of the USA that the Repubs want us all to believe— I will save my judgement for after we see how it works–but, it sure appears to be a very good and needed thing looking at it now—-no pre-existing conditions GREAT and we can choose what insurance we want–it is just we must have coverage–reasonable

It’s reasonable to tax people’s pets?

It’s reasonable to force people to buy something they may not be able to afford?

Never mind how the costs for your children’s braces is going up thanks to the medical device tax.

And how about that tax on charitable children’s hospitals?

Or any of those other 19 hidden taxes?

Supporters don’t really care, as long as someone else is paying for it. What will happen when the “someone else’s” of the world run out of money?

What happens when we run out of doctors?

Yes, there are some good things that are in the law, but not enough to justify the garbage that’s in it, and that it is killing the medical profession.

So, keep your head up your ass, sir. I’m sure it is much warmer in there.

This President is trying to send us all to bankruptcy, not just the country, but the people as well.

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