More Respected in the World

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (fir...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (first from left), U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (second from left), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (third from left), and U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George C. Mitchell (fourth from left) chat after their meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, on September 14, 2010. Department photo/ Public Domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September 11, 2012.

The President gives his weekly address, commemorating the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

During his address, the president said we are stronger at home and more respected in the world, a refrain that echoes back to John Kerry’s campaign in 2004.

Later that day, or perhaps at that same time, our consulate in Benghazi, Libya came under attack, resulting in the murders of our ambassador, two navy seals, and a consulate official. Ten others were injured.

Are we really more respected in the world?

In fact, with the cuts that the President wants to make to defense, are we really stronger?

Obama has already made some cuts to our nuclear arsenal, but he wants to make more, unilaterally.

Nuclear arms are a bad thing, but we do not want to leave this nation completely vulnerable. To dismantle 1/3 of our nuclear arsenal while other nations keep and increase theirs is foolish. Especially since Iran and North Korea are in a race to obtain one.

As the president travels through the Middle East, he tries to project charm, but the people over there aren’t buying it.

He says that he is Israel’s biggest supporter, but in 2012, he pissed up Netanyahu’s back at every opportunity. He ignored him, avoided him, and generally disrespected him. It’s no secret that Obama holds Netanyahu in great disdain, but he goes over and tries to act, unsuccessfully, that he is Bibi’s BFF. The Israeli people aren’t buying it.

Which makes one wonder why the Jews in this country consistently vote for this jackass.

Did I just say that out loud?

The Palestinians don’t care much for him, either.

Obama’s visit was marked by rocket fire from the Palestinians.

In Jordan, protests have been taking place prior to his arrival. From looking at the picture, Jordanians have a better grasp of English grammar than most internet users (your, you’re)

The Muslim Brotherhood is even skeptical. The same Muslim Brotherhood that has received $250 million and 20 F-16 fighters from us.

You can’t bribe these people enough. They’ll take what you give them, then piss all over you and laugh while doing it.

And we will just give them more money.

Even the USA Today admits that Obama’s Foreign Policy is coming apart at the seams.

So, this is what “more respected in the world” looks like.

I don’t blame the Middle East for being upset. After all, look at the buffoon we unleashed on them in John Kerry. I’ve seen people refer to him as “Lurch”, and I think the name fits admirably.

Things are coming apart in the Middle East, despite Obama’s/Clinton’s/Kerry’s best efforts at wine tasting in Australia.

To think that woman is going to run again in 2016.

North Korea is preparing for war, going so far as shelling a South Korean island, tearing up the cease fire with South Korea, and threatening to lob nuclear missiles at the United States.

Iran is preparing a nuclear bomb, rattling their sabers and spitting in Obama’s eyes.

That’s what happens when you hire amateurs to do a professional’s job.

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