Girls Gone Batshit Crazy

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It seems that Dennis Rodman’s  insanity has rubbed of on Kim Jong-un during Rodman’s visit to North Korea a few weeks ago. Since Rodman has returned, things have escalated quickly on the Korean peninsula.

B-2's drop fake bombs on 13,000 mile road trip as Jong-un asks "where do they get those wonderful toys?"

B-2’s drop fake bombs on 13,000 mile road trip as Jong-un asks “where do they get those wonderful toys?”

Kimmy has torn up the cease fire agreement, effectively declaring the war is back on.

For those who don’t know, the Korean War never really ended as much as it was suspended. The 1953 agreement was a truce, not a peace treaty.

N. Korea has shelled an island belonging to South Korea with artillery, performed wargames on the border, tested nuclear weapons, posted photoshopped pictures on the internet of the North Korean army practicing amphibious landing, threatened to invade the south, tested missiles (trying to get one that will hit the US mainland), cut the emergency hotline link to the South Korean military and torn up the 1953 truce.

Kim Jong-un is obsessed with the US. He is acting like a jilted lover who discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. For whatever, he is out for revenge. Revenge for what is unknown. He rattles the saber, then gets pissed when a pair of B-2 stealth bombers flies from Missouri to dump some dummy bombs on a practice range near the Korean border. The entire trip was somewhere around 13,000 miles.

He’s pissed because he didn’t see them coming. (HAR!)

If war breaks out, the North Koreans won’t be facing the same army they did in the 1950’s. They will get their asses whupped.  Unless the Chinese intervene. The last thing they want is the US on their border. They just want all the US manufacturing within their borders.

Kim Jong-un has repeatedly made threats to bomb the US mainland. It has now come to light that he has four targets in mind, of which three are on the mainland (assuming that the North Koreans were stupid enough to take pictures in front of real planning sessions and they didn’t just make that map up).

Kimmy’s targets are: Hawaii, Los Angeles (because, even though he’s a basketball fan, he hates the Lakers, and his father was obsessed with Disneyland), Washington DC (he has to threaten the President somehow), and Austin, Texas (??). Presumably because he hates country music.

Thank god, because he might have tried something smart, like hitting Seattle and San Francisco to interfere with shipping, or the military bases on the west coast to slow staging down.

I’ve said before he is an angry little madman, but it appears he has daddy issues. He wants to make his father look rational, but wants to appear stronger and smarter than his grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Kim Il-sung was the man with the plan when he invaded South Korea in 1950.

It is doubted among defense experts that Kim has any rockets that will reach the US mainland, let alone carry a payload. Nevertheless, he must be taken as a serious threat. I would say that when things escalate, we would bitch slap his ass back to the stone age, but North Korea is already in the stone age.

At the end of the story, some nine paragraphs down, the author states that these pictures are most likely for internal consumption among the little people, to show Kim as a strong leader with mastery of military affairs.

Let’s hope so, for his people’s sake. They will bear the brunt of the tragedy that will be known as the Second Korean War.

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