Obamacare: Clinics Turning Away Medicare Patients

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We need to get this to the Fiscal Cliff! What ...

What could possibly go wrong? (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Now that Obamacare is being implemented, the horror stories are coming fast and furious, from doctor shortages to allowing pharmacists to act like doctors, to premiums rising despite claims from the administration that they will go down, to the twenty new hidden taxes.

During the election, Romney kept pointing out that Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare, a claim Obama kept denying. According to Time Magazine, those cuts are real. The key words to watch for in that article are in theory. Nothing bad is supposed to happen, in theory.

I work in the electronics field. One of the things learned early on is that there is a major difference between theory and reality. While calculations and measurements are relatively close to each other, sometimes they are way off, because no two components are identical to each other.

Cancer clinics are starting to turn away patients on Medicare. These clinics are blaming sequester cuts. The problem with Medicare is that the government is telling these doctors, hospitals and clinics that they will only receive a certain amount of compensation. Most of the doctors who accept Medicare (or even Medicaid) do so without making any money off it, or taking a loss. Where’s the incentive to continue to accept it?

Why is it that Obama has insisted on making these cuts as painful and as public as he possibly could? He’s playing politics with our budget issues. There are other places these cuts could have come from if he actually cared and took the time to look for them.

Still, if the Sequester is to blame, a year down the road this would be happening anyway as the government tightens the screws on the medical industry by refusing to pay them enough to even cover their costs.

There are those who will argue that this is what will happen if we reform entitlements and cut Medicare. But what about the $716 billion that Obamacare cuts out of Medicare? That’s only a 10% cut from overall spending, but these oncologists are complaining and turning away about 30% of their patients due to a 2% cut! What will the reaction be when the cuts Obamacare makes kick in?

States themselves are starting to ration prescriptions covered under Medicaid to save money. Sixteem states have capped Medicaid prescriptions, and seven have either enacted such caps or tightened them in the past two years.

The major problem with Obamacare is that you have to purchase coverage for things you don’t need. For example, as a teetotaler (more or less, anyway, I don’t drink that much or very often), I have to purchase coverage that covers alcoholism, which I don’t suffer from. I wonder if I would be required to purchase abortion insurance. *shrug*

The state of Virginia working on legislation to block the Obamacare exchanges from offering coverage for abortions.  The idea is that the state doesn’t want taxpayer funded abortions.

Are menopausal women required to get abortion coverage? How about someone who doesn’t believe in abortion?

See? This is the problem with the government stepping in and mandating that we do a certain thing.

The AARP is projecting that in the next seven years, there will be a shortage of about 45,000 doctors to cover the 30 million that are poised to enter the health care rolls. Even with those 45,000 doctors, there would still be a shortage, but not nearly as bad a one. AARP is suggesting that Nurse Practitioners could be the solution. I once had a PCP who I never saw. I was always shunted off to his NP. She was a joke. She wanted to fill me full of this pill or that pill, but me on blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was borderline. She always seemed to have some new and wonderful pill she wanted to share with me. What a flippin’ joke she was. NPs are NOT DOCTORS, and it doesn’t take a friggin’ genius to figure this out. They don’t have nearly the education or experience.

So, let me go down the list of things I have covered about Obamacare:

  • State Universities are cutting the hours or laying off adjunct professors to save costs from Obamacare
  • The “path to citizenship” will put even more people on the Obamacare rolls, while the CBO estimates that more than twice the number of employees will be tossed off their employers plans than originally estimated
  • California looking at options to address doctor shortage, including Nurse Practitioners and pharmacists
  • Florida is going to experience a doctor shortage
  • The hidden taxes on your pets
  • Doctors scheduling group appointments to get more cattle, I mean, patients through
  • Employers demanding your health information
  • Premiums rising and more doctors retiring early than originally anticipated
  • A new court challenge based on the origination of the Obamacare tax bill
  • How the Federal government has failed to implement the insurance exchanges, forcing them to delay them by a year
  • The hidden gun regulations buried in Obamacare that prevents the President from using executive orders to regulate guns and ammunition (like he’ll pay attention to that. He’s already said he’ll use all the power at his disposal on this issue)

On my facebook page (prior to me starting this blog), I had documented companies, particularly restaurants, that were going to cut employee hours so they would not have to purchase health coverage for employees. I also chronicled those companies that received a waiver from the government exempting them from having to provide health care coverage.

With all of this, is it still worth it? Is this what we were promised? There wouldn’t be rationing. There wouldn’t be shortages.

What’s next? Bread lines?

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