Do Your Kids Belong to You, or to the Community?

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As the Democrat-Socialist get their claws deeper and deeper into society, they no longer have to fear hiding their agenda. The left continually blasts away at Fox News because it is a right leaning news organization, claiming over and over that Fox News lies. Of course, their bastion of truth has become MSNBC. MSNBC, and it’s parent organization, NBC don’t feel the need to hide their leftist agenda anymore. CBS tries to disguise theirs, while ABC throws stuff out, then quickly retracts it.

CNN has always had one toe in the water with the leftist agenda, so as to not be, to quote Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, “all the way leftist”.

The latest thing I’ve been seeing from the right is to refer to the left as statists. As I have pointed out before, you don’t have to be a leftists to be a statist.

Ever since the election of Barack Obama, MSNBC doesn’t even pretend to be objective anymore. The most recent thing to come to MSNBC is this commercial:

Your kids don’t belong to you, they belong to the entire community.

This is wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin. The idea of community is being supplanted by the collective. The left is revealing itself to be the Borg.

It is an extension of the idea that nothing belongs to you, nothing is private. What you have is courtesy of the community, of the collective, of the state.

While they are no longer hiding their ideals, in some cases, they are trying to disguise it.

The whole bottom up, middle out economic theory stems from taking from those who have and giving to those who don’t. People can’t have jobs if there are no companies out there to provide them, unless, of course, the government takes them over. Anyone remember Maxine Waters saying she wanted to nationalize big oil?


Freudian slip that she had one hell of a time recovering from.

They have convinced the working class that if they control the means of production, they will be rewarded for it, that everyone will be economically equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. If everyone was economically equal, why did so many attempt to escape from behind the iron curtain?

How well off are the poor in Cuba?

How well off are the Venezuelans while Hugo Chavez amassed a $2 billion fortune?

Since LBJ declared a War on Poverty, why is it that poverty is growing and spreading in this, the most prosperous nation in the world?

According to Portland City Councilman Nick Fish, it’s because we don’t pay enough taxes and have gutted the social safety net system. According to others on the left, it’s because the rich get richer, while the middle class suffers. It’s because companies don’t pay a living wage to employees with no skills and who refuse to better themselves to make it (even though that is no guarantee).

To the left, it is always we don’t spend enough, we don’t tax enough.

The article linked above covers a county in West Virginia. When asking why people are falling into poverty in that county, the article points out that two coal mines in the area closed.

Whose fault is that? The president made it clear prior to his election in 2008 that he was going after coal plants.

But NPR would have you believe that we cared when it was whites who were poor and in poverty, and now since that demographic is changing, we don’t care anymore.

Everything on the left is defined in terms of black, white and Latino. Asians never figure into this equation, maybe because they work their asses off and their parents drive them to be the best at school. Where I work, it seems to be mostly Asian and Asian Indian.

Speaking of schools, conservatives usually use the example of sharing grades as a form of socialism. For example, a student gets an A on a paper, while another gets a C. To be fair, the A student’s grade is reduced to a B, while the C student is brought up to a B. How fair is that? Does it actually help the C student, or does it hurt the A student?

A form of socialism in grades has been around for a long time. It was present when I was in school.

It’s called grading on a curve. The grade is based on the highest score. As long as no one aces the test, those students who would have normally failed have their grades lifted by those who do better. I remember that those who aced the test, or got a really high score were given a lot of flack by other students for scoring so high. What effect does that have on good students?

There will always be those who are driven to do the best they can, but most others will give the minimum effort.

And when they start to work, they give the minimum effort, complaining about their wages.

The collective rewards those lower on the scale, and punishes those higher up on the ladder, completely backwards.

This is why the left wants your kids as part of the collective. There is no reason to work hard, you will be rewarded and taken care of for doing very little.

I know I took a long, roundabout path to get back where I started. I’ve been trying to show how collectivist programs and ideas are dangerous, and how they have been slowly infiltrating our schools. Not just our elementary schools, but our high schools and universities as well.

Whenever someone starts talking about the “collective”, it is time to take your child in your arms and run away, far away.

Otherwise they will become the next Melissa Harris-Perry of Borg.

If our children truly belong to the “collective”, then the “collective” can start footing the bill for them.

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