Democrats Push Oregon Sales Tax AGAIN!

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Oregon - no sales tax

Oregon – no sales tax (Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

The Oregon State Legislature is at it again. Democrat Senator Mark Hass from Beaverton is dredging the S word up again.

On April 15, he wants to start a discussion on a sales tax. In exchange for a 5% sales tax, he’s willing to lower the state income tax, currently at 9%, to 3% or so. There is no guarantee that the income tax rate won’t rise when the sales tax shows it doesn’t work.

I guarantee that once the legislature has the sales tax locked in, they will raise the income tax back up as soon as expedient.

Hass has said that he isn’t wedded to the 5% rate. I’m sure he would like to get more.

The basic idea goes like this:

We need a sales tax because our income tax is too volatile, and we need that money to fund our schools. It isn’t fair that tourists come here and don’t pay any taxes (except gas taxes, sin taxes, hotel taxes, etc.). We need to hit them with a sales tax so the tourists pay their fair share. In other words, tourists are now among the $250,000 a year crowd.

The Senate, in the meantime, has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 36, which would introduce a sales tax. Exempted would be

  • water
  • food
  • clothing
  • drugs
  • medical
  • mobility equipment
  • utilities

So, tourists are going to be taxed on those big ticket items, like all of those flat screen tvs and cars they are going to buy while here.

So, what exactly would there be additional taxes on for tourists? Restaurant food? They are already paying hotel taxes, and any clothes they buy are exempted. Taxes on airline or train travel?

I don’t get it. I know that to Democrats it sounds like a good idea, but that’s only because they don’t engage their brains and think about stuff before they open their mouths.

What they are going to end up doing is killing those business areas near the state borders, because Washingtonian’s won’t want to come across the river to buy big ticket items and save on the tax. Why should they? Commerce in the Delta Park area will dry up, and people will lose their jobs as stores close.

Hass claims he just wants to start a conversation about taxes, not that he’s “wedded” to his proposal.

People have to pay for the services that they want, but it is coming to be time where we need to divorce the government from some of these services. Government isn’t about services. It was not designed with that in mind. It’s just that the progressives discovered that they could take money from one group and give it to another, making them modern day Robin Hoods.

The problem with that notion is that Robin Hood took from the government and gave to the people. Progressives use the government to take from those they don’t like and give it to those who they feel need it more.

After all, isn’t that what Jesus would do?

Except that Jesus was anti-government.

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