Obama Hates Poor People

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President Obama talks at the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama has introduced his budget plan. There has been no attempt on his part to try to balance his budget. In his mind, there is no need for him to balance the budget, after all, there is no spending problem, no debt problem.

I have to give him credit, because in it, he has reduced the deficit, and caps deductions for upper income households. I have no problem with that.

But it does nothing to consolidate the 679 renewable energy programs, or cut the money we send overseas to countries that hate our guts.

I’m also not sold on cutting entitlements to our seniors. They were given a promise by the government, and the government should follow through on that promise, not screw them over. Most of our seniors are struggling to survive, even though most don’t have much longer to live.

Don’t throw grandma under the bus. Go after those who are collecting SS Disability fraudulently. Go after those collecting SSN fraudulently.

Reform, don’t cut.

But this isn’t why I said President Slogan hates poor people.

This is what’s flying under the radar.

The President is calling for an increase on cigarette taxes.

This tax is one of the most regressive taxes in the country. As of 2010, 19% of Americans smoked. That’s a little under 1 in 5. Most people who smoke are poor people. These taxes unduly hit them the hardest.

If they quit, they won’t have to pay the tax, but it isn’t that easy. As a smoker who has recently quit (and I am not out of the woods yet), I think I would rather try to kick heroin than tobacco.

But for the President’s promise that lower income people would not see their taxes go up one single dime, he will have broken it for the second time in less than 6 months. He doesn’t care about the poor, as long as he can have his lavish parties in the White House.

Don’t be fooled, however. His budget doesn’t curb overall spending. Just like the sequester, he is actually making the cuts public and painful. Some Democrats don’t like his budget, specifically the SSN cuts he wants to make.

Now is the time for him to step up and be President. He’s staked his position, the Senate has staked theirs, and the House has theirs. Sit down, figure out where you agree and negotiate from there. Don’t be inflexible. you won’t get everything you want, but you give concessions to get the things most important to you.

Hopefully, Obama will forego his hatred of poor people.

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I think he has stepped up a lot since 2008. People overestimate how much a president can change in modern times. Many are too scared too and see it as unnecessary to their careers.

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