Boston Bombing Updates

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This is incredible.

According to the Associated Press, at least one, if not both, of the bombs were made from pressure cookers. This isn’t common in the US, but has been used in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. One of the devices used in the thwarted car bombing of Times Square was a pressure cooker, and the Pakistan Taliban claimed credit for that one.

That would strongly suggest this is not a domestic terrorist, as suggested by various talking heads and “experts”.

As much as the left wants a right wing terrorist protesting tax day, it’s looking like it simply isn’t the case.

As for the Saudi student, the initial reports say that investigators found nothing, but several bags of items were removed from the building. It is not clear if the stuff was removed from his apartment or another. His roommates say he wasn’t capable of performing such an act, but how many times have we heard that?

Not wanting to be left behind, Republican Representative Peter King (NY) is saying we don’t have enough cameras. Not enough cameras and we need to step up that drone program!

I am appalled that a Republican would want to tear liberty away. We still have the right to privacy, Mr. King, whether you believe that or not. When I walk down the street, I do have an expectation of privacy. True, anyone can look at me, but there are laws against recording me and using my image without my consent (if I am not law enforcement) if I tell you to stop.

The answer to this is not robbing people of liberty. I know, “if you don’t have anything to hide, why do you care?”

It starts on the streets, then it comes indoors and the next thing you know, the government is watching our every move, and if we make one wrong move, the police show up unannounced.

You have to ask yourself, which is more important, danger and freedom, or slavery and safety.

Anyway, it is becoming more apparent that this is another foreign attack, not a domestic one, much to the disappointment of the media. And the guy on the roof probably isn’t related to it. It will probably turn out he was some maintenance worker for the building.

Not a cop hiding behind the fence on the grassy knoll.




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