The Boston Marathon Bombing And The Media

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In the wake of yesterday’s bombing in Boston, the media once again pissed all over itself trying to be the first to get information out, regardless of whether that information was correct or not.

I have seen casualty counts as low as two, but as high as 50, and over 300 injured. The last I saw this morning, three people had been killed, including an 8 year old boy waiting for his father to finish the race. almost 200 people had been injured. The number seems to have stabilized.

My wife, who was home at the time, said she saw Shepard Smith of Fox say that there was an unrelated fire at the JFK library that would be investigated as part of the bombing. She told me she had to rewind it to make sure she had just heard what she thought she heard.

The first reports were that the police had a Saudi national being held, not in custody, but at the hospital. They searched his apartment, and found nothing. They are now saying he is not a suspect, but we’ll see.

There were reports that up to 3 other devices were found and defused. That turned out to be untrue.

Hitler's Doppelganger?

Hitler’s Doppelganger?

You had Wolf Blitzer of CNN speculating if Patriot Day in Massachusetts had anything to do with it. One of his cohorts immediately speculated that it was right wing extremists.

David Axelrod, aka Hitler’s twin, speculated that the bombing occurred because it was tax day.

Yes, that makes so much sense. We’re pissed about paying taxes, let’s bomb a bunch of runners.

However, it is this kind of reporting that fuels the conspiracy theorists, because so much information is wrong that it needs to be corrected. They have trouble distinguishing that preliminary reports were sketchy, and they need to be corrected, and that the media loves to just toss things out to see if they will stick rather than practicing responsible journalism and waiting until they have all the facts.

This image was captured of someone walking along a roof as the bombs went off at the end of the Boston Marathon.

This image was captured of someone walking along a roof as the bombs went off at the end of the Boston Marathon.

Even Bigfoot made an appearance.

The image on the right is blown up from another picture of the explosions showing someone, a “hooded” figure walking along one of the roofs above Boylston Street, where the explosions occurred.

Of course, no details can be made out because the picture is so blurry. The only thing I can tell is that it looks like he’s wearing blue jeans, but I doubt he is wearing a hood.

But the picture is so blurry, one could make a case that it’s Bigfoot up there.

This is the third terrorist attack since Obama has been elected, and he still can’t bring himself to say the word “terrorist“. God forbid that we call them what they are. Even though high level White House officials referred to it as a terrorist attack, he could not bring himself to use the word.

[Quick update: this is actually the 4th attack, 2 overseas, 2 domestic. I forgot to mention the Fort Hood attack, which Obama considers to be workplace violence rather than terrorism.]

After the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, he strode out to the Rose Garden and made an oblique reference to “acts of terror”. He did not, however, as he claimed during the debates, call it a terrorist act. He didn’t say anything about the Afghanistan bombing in Kandahar, that killed five Americans, including three soldiers and a diplomat. He came out yesterday and did not call this an act of terror (CNN originally reported this, but I can’t find the article), despite the FBI calling it terrorism. He has come out today, and used the “acts of terror” card. “Anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror.

The original photos

The original photos

Anytime anyone uses any kind of weapon in an aggressive attempt to harm another human being (that is, non-defensive purposes), that’s terrorism. Anyone who takes hostages is a terrorist. It isn’t limited to bombs.

However, Hollywood Huckleberry Jay Mohr took to Twitter yesterday demanding that the Second Amendment had to go, that it was somehow responsible for the culture of violence. Is the Second Amendment also responsible for the culture of violence in the Middle East, there, Jay?

“Violence has 2 stop. Culture MUST change”.

Like the change to the culture of violence that you have helped bring about in video games like Saints Row 2, or movies like Street Kings.

Mohr doesn’t work on a lot of violent stuff, but he needs to learn that the Second Amendment is not the root of all the violence. The Second Amendment is for defense, not being militant and killing innocents.

Of course, by the end, Mohr was claiming that he didn’t say what he said.

Whenever a bombing takes place, it is usually to make some sort of political statement, just like Obama’s buddy, Bill Ayres did with his Weather Underground group. Now he’s an educator, never having faced formal charges for bombing the Pentagon.But whoever did this was most likely trying to make a statement. Against taxes? Possibly, but not likely.

While it is sad that three people have lost their lives so far, and several people lost limbs, the count is relatively light. When they finally catch the people responsible, they need to throw the book at them.

Then we need to outlaw bombs.

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5 Responses to “The Boston Marathon Bombing And The Media”

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The comment about “This is the third terrorist attack since Obama has been elected, and he still can’t bring himself to say the word “terrorist“.” is actually kind of funny. Not that you said it, but that ABC radio news was reporting this morning “This is the FIRST terrorist attack on Obama’s watch.”


Actually, it’s the fourth. I (shamefully) forgot Fort Hood three years ago. To Obama, that’s an incident of workplace violence, not terrorism.

I was thinking “four” but I also forgot which one it was. It is terrible the news can’t/won’t accurately REPORT. All they want to do is MAKE the news, not report it.

And call for “bomb free zones”… that’ll show ’em.

I wish I could just “like” comments here. Sometimes the commenter says all that needs said. Of course, I can think of some jokes right now that would be in very poor taste, so I’m not going to even start.

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