Fear and the Mainstream Media

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Boston - Back Bay: Boylston Street (Aerial)

Boston – Back Bay: Boylston Street (Aerial) (Photo credit: wallyg)

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, the media fear machine is working very hard to convince us that we should be afraid, very afraid.

Why does the media do this? Are they secretly hoping that we will sign away more civil liberties to the government?

Are they secretly hoping that we will never leave our homes again?

I had a long discussion with one of my sisters about this very subject. Conspiracy theorists think that actions like this are what’s called “false flag” operations, a military operation that appears to be something other than what it truly is. Conspiracy theorists tend to live in fear, and sometimes I start to think that the news media caters to the conspiracy theory crowd.

After the bombing, we saw headlines like these:

Boston attack underscores growing threat of IEDs in America (Fox News)

The story highlights four other incidents where IEDs were set up to go off, two in New York, one in Spokane, Washington, and one here in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s what they aren’t saying about the Portland incident. The entire thing was controlled by the FBI. They gave the perp enough rope to hang himself, and he set the whole thing up, but the cell phone they gave him wasn’t keyed correctly to the detonator, so there was never any danger of it going off.

Fear will kill you (Fox News)

Fear raises your blood pressure and heart rate.

But so does running, so are they saying running is bad for you?

In the dumb things people say (and the media reports on) department:

That person or those people did everything they could to create a bomb that damaged and injured as many people as they possibly could (ABC News)

Has anyone ever built a bomb that would injure as few people as possible? I understand that some could be built for the scare effect, but people generally do not build bombs to scare people. Maximum carnage is most often the goal.

The word “terrorism” is now officially attached to the Boston Marathon bombing, after President Obama used the word Tuesday morning in his address from the White House. (ABC News)

Because it isn’t terrorism unless the CinC says so. That explains why neither Benghazi nor Fort Hood were terrorism.

And of course, we can’t figure out for ourselves what terrorism is without ABC News there to tell us.

We must now add to the list the following items, lest they be used by bad people to hurt someone:

  • nails
  • ball bearings
  • pressure cookers
  • wires
  • batteries
  • cell phones
  • electronic components

Lefty online magazine Salon.com openly hopes that we discover that the bomber is a white American.

The left is obsessed with race and the hopes that it is domestic terrorism. All they have to do is look no further than ELF, who tend to be white Americans, usually spoiled rich kids and hippies. That not enough mad white American bombers for you?

How about the Animal Liberation Front?

These groups give two shits about the environment or animals. They just want to destroy other people’s property under the guise of saving the planet.

But if the bomber is a white American, that’ll teach us for focusing on militant Islamic groups in the Middle East who blow shit up almost every day and kill as many people as possible.

al-Qaida would normally take responsibility for stuff like this, but it appears they are scratching their heads as well. It wasn’t one of theirs, according to them, but they hope it was someone who took to their techniques.

Whether it was domestic or international is unimportant, though a lot of people are focusing on that.

It may have been the work of someone who was unhappy with something. I’ve read reports that there was no chatter going on, which would suggest someone like James Holmes of Aurora who just decided to do this.

Sooner or later, law enforcement will catch up with the perpetrator, but it isn’t going to happen overnight. We need to be patient.

In the meantime, we need to refrain from letting the media put us into a state of fear. Fear debilitates, immobilizes, and prevents us from moving forward with our lives. For some that’s easier than for others. I wasn’t there, so I will be over it long before those who were there and experienced it.

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