Congress Now Wants to Tax Flu Vaccines

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Death & Taxes (film)

Death & Taxes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to taxes, the left likes to pretend that they are sticking it to the rich and protecting the poor and the elderly.  One needs to look no further than the Federal income tax rates.

That’s why both the House and the Senate have introduced bills to tax flu vaccines.

I shit you not.

Flu vaccines.

It keeps building and building. More and more taxes. Our governments are determined to tax us into oblivion.

The President claims that we can’t cut our way to prosperity. That’s double speak for “I’m too lazy to look, even if I were inclined to look”. He seems to think we can tax out way there, though. Here’s a surprise for you Mr. President: We only have so much money.

While the list below is not exhaustive, just take a look at the number of taxes we are subject to. Not everyone will pay every tax on the list, but doesn’t that seem excessive?

The ones in red hit the poor pretty hard. The ones in brown are Obamacare related, and some have yet to go into effect.

  • Flu vaccines
  • taxes on other vaccines
  • Federal Income tax
  • Federal Capital Gains
  • State Income tax
  • State Capital Gains
  • Sales tax
  • Alcohol tax
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Estate tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Utilities tax
  • Telephone tax
  • Cell phone tax
  • Social Security tax
  • Medicare tax (soon to be raised under Obamacare)
  • Luxury tax
  • Local taxes
  • Property tax
  • Home sales tax
  • Hotel tax
  • Gift tax
  • Car rental tax
  • Drivers License fees
  • DEQ/car registration fees
  • Hunting/Fishing licenses
  • Event tax (convenience fees)
  • Federal Gasoline tax
  • State Gasoline tax
  • Transfer tax
  • Title Fees
  • Individual Mandate Excise tax/Employer Mandate tax (Obamacare) [the Tax that wasn’t a tax]
  • Health Insurer’s tax (Obamacare)
  • Excise tax on Comprehensive Insurance Plans (Obamacare)
  • “Black liquor” tax (Obamacare) [tax hike on bio-fuels]
  • Innovator Drug companies Tax (Obamacare)
  • Medical Device tax (Obamacare)
  • High Medical Bills tax (Obamacare) [threshold was 7.5% of AGI, raised to 10% of AGI in 2013]
  • Flexible Spending Account Cap tax (Obamacare) AKA the Special Needs Kids tax, a new tax for those who dare have “Special Needs kids”
  • Medicine Cabinet tax (Obamacare) people with health savings accounts, flexible savings accounts, or health reimbursement accounts able to use pre-tax dollars on non-prescription medications (except insulin)
  • Elimination of employer provided retirement prescription drug coverage in Medicare Part D (Obamacare)
  • Economic Substance Doctrine tax (Obamacare) Allow IRS to disallow completely legal deductions just because the IRS thinks it was done to reduce tax bills. In other words, the IRS now has the power to override deductions, just because.
  • Indoor Tanning tax (Obamacare)
  • HSA Withdrawal tax (Obamacare) Non-medical early withdrawals from HSAs penalty increased from 10% to 20%
  • Half Million Executive Compensation limit for Health Insurance Executives (Obamacare)
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Obamacare) BC/BS companies tax deduction only allowed if 85% or more of premiums spent on clinical services
  • Charitable Hospitals tax (Obamacare) Tax on charitable hospitals if they fail to meet “community health assessment needs”, “financial assistance” and “billing and collection” rules set by HHS.

(Obamacare taxes)

The mantra of the left: “We have to pay for all this stuff somehow, don’t we? ”

The mere fact that we have this many levels of taxation, and we are still running a deficit shows that spending is out of control, despite Obama’s and Pelosi’s assertions to the contrary.

Which one is the straw that will break the camel’s back?

Congress is cooking up yet another one that isn’t a tax increase, but in a move aimed at, they are trying to make it so that anything sold on the internet is subject to the sales tax of the customer. The problem is that it will unintentionally sweep up many small businesses.

“This is a matter of equity and fairness,” said South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard, a Republican. “The same people who are selling the same products should be paying the same taxes.”

This bill is fully supported by Amazon. They don’t support it out of a sense of obligation, they support it because it hurts their competition. But notice how this so-called “Republican” embraces the President’s language of “fairness”.

But supporters of the bill insist it is not a tax increase. Instead, they say, the bill merely provides states with a mechanism to enforce current taxes.

If I am required to pay a tax that I was not required to pay before, that is a tax increase. Why should I be responsible for paying a sales tax in New York when my business is not there?

Supporters of the bill claim that online businesses have an advantage over brick and mortar businesses by not having to pay sales tax. It’s a trade off. You can go to the store and purchase and item, save on the shipping and get the item immediately (and pay sales tax if applicable), or you can order online, save the sales tax, but pay shipping and wait a few days for it to arrive.

There is the crux of it all.

By requiring Amazon to pay sales tax no matter what, it opens the door for them to open shipping centers in places they don’t currently have centers, and reduce their shipping costs, something most of their competitors can’t do.

In many states, shoppers are required to pay unpaid sales taxes when they file their state income tax returns. In South Dakota, which has no state income tax, taxpayers are supposed to pay a use tax on out-of-state purchases. But Daugaard said the law is widely ignored.

“The difficulty is consumers don’t understand the law,” Daugaard said. “I think that’s true in many other states as well.”

Consumers ignore the law because they don’t understand it? Hardly. Consumers ignore it because it is difficult to prove they bought anything.

States like Oregon, where I live are fighting it, because it gives other states audit authority over businesses in this state.

I understand that the states are hard up for money, but maybe they should consider spending cuts like getting resident aliens or “permanent residents” like the Boston bombers off our welfare rolls.

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