Obamacare: Good Enough for the Little People, Not for Congress

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I have written so much about Obamacare that I’m not sure there is anything I can say about it anymore.

That’s not going to stop me, of course.

The hardest thing about writing opinion day in and day out is not repeating oneself.

Obamacare is starting to creep back into the news again, so I am going to touch on a few items, the first of which is absolutely disgusting. Not surprising, but disgusting nonetheless.

1. Lawmakers looking to exempt themselves from the exchanges

English: Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Sena...

Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader of the United States Senate and Snake in Chief(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a long time, there were items floating around about how Congress and the First Family had been exempted from Obamacare. The reality is that these rumors were untrue and unfounded.

Until now.

Politico is reporting that lawmakers are in high level talks to exempt themselves and their aides from the Obamacare exchanges they are mandated to join once they kick in later this year.

This is not a Republican thing. This is not a Democrat thing. This is a slimy politician thing. The talks involve John Boehner and Harry Reid, among others.

We have been sold a bill of goods, folks. Those in power have foisted a law off onto us, and are now looking to get themselves out from under it.

Along with several companies and unions.

Laws either apply to all of us, or none of us.

Being snakes, however, they are trying to do it in such a way that we, the people don’t realize what they’ve done and there is no political fallout on them.

It just goes to show that Congress looks out for themselves, no matter what the individual parties claim.

2. States looking to push workers onto exchanges

In an attempt to cut costs, the State of Washington is looking to push workers off their plans and into the Obamacare exchanges. Not full time workers, but part time workers, those who can least afford it. If Washington does this, others will most likely follow suit.

Washington is a state that, like Oregon and California, that is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrats, the party of the downtrodden and the poor.

Their solution is instead of Washington taxpayers paying for these people, EVERY taxpayer will pay for their insurance! Why not dump them onto the Federal system? It’s no skin off their noses, because state governments DO NOT PAY FEDERAL TAXES!

How great a scam is that? If it works out for them, I would not be surprised to see them push all government workers off onto the Federal system.

But Virginia is requiring all part time workers to work 30 hours or less to avoid paying healthcare insurance, while Florida is moving to provide coverage to those employees in the face of Federal fines. If Washington kicks their employees into exchanges, expect Florida to do the same.

When pizza chain Papa John’s said they would cut hours in order to keep from having to provide healthcare for workers, pushing them into the exchanges instead, CEO John Schnatter was crucified by the left for being “greedy”. Regal Cinemas has been crucified for the same thing.

Where’s the same outrage in Virginia, Washington and Florida? Why aren’t they being crucified for being greedy? After all, it will not stop these states from spending, it will only increase their spending on wasteful spending.

3. Premiums are still going up

Maryland insurer CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield has revised estimates made three weeks ago that premiums would rise as much as 50%. Now they are saying they will only go up 25%.

“Not only were we concerned about a potential hit to subscribers, but we were also concerned about price levels that were unattractive” to young customers seen as an important stabilizing force for the market, CareFirst CEO Chet Burrell said in an interview Wednesday.

Yes, the young people are very important because, since they don’t go to the doctor much, their premiums are used to subsidize those families and older people who do use the insurance frequently.

It’s a Social Security/Medicare like scam. Take from the young to subsidize the older.

This is just for Maryland. It may be valid for Maryland, and possibly Delaware, but how about California? Illinois? Florida?

Assuming that this kind of rate hike is valid for every state and situation is like Ben Affleck taking a vow of poverty and eating on $1.50 per day here in the states (sure he is), and assuming it’s the same as eating for $1.50 in Zimbabwe, or Eastern Congo as he tweeted. How about these jokers Affleck and Jackman donate their resources to the Congo rather than try to get us who are struggling to make ends meet to do it for them?

What, that doesn’t have anything to do with Obamacare?

And here I thought no one read this blog.


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