Congress Got Caught, Scramble Like Cockroaches

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Having been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, Democrats are backpedaling from seeking exemptions just as fast as they can.

There are some Democrats who are saying that they were never seeking exemptions, despite reports to the contrary. A spokesman for Harry Reid told reporters that: “There are not now, have never been, nor will there ever be any discussions about exempting members of Congress or Congressional staff from Affordable Care Act provisions that apply to any employees of any other public or private employer offering health care,”  [Adam] Jentleson said.

Reid comes out and holds press conferences all the time. Why the sudden change to a spokesman? I mean, we all know what a worthless scumbag Harry Reid is. He truly makes the Mormon religion look bad. Sending a spokesman doesn’t make him any less a scumbag.

Seeking to reassure the little people, both Reid and Queen Nancy Pelosi have declared that they believe the mandate should not be lifted.

Getting an exemption to the mandate is not the same as lifting the mandate. These are little word games out politicians play.

Of course, Republicans took the opportunity to point fingers at the Democrats and charging that they were trying to get out of their law.

That would work if the Speaker of the House wasn’t named in the charge. You know, the orange chimney known as John Boehner.

The cockroaches have been scrambling for cover now that they have been exposed to the light.

This is what happens when the press behaves and actually reports, rather than sticking their heads up the government’s backside. This is what freedom of the press is all about, holding government accountable.

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