Climate Change: Dogs & Cats Forced to Live Together!

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English: Al Gore

Al Gore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The global warming crowd is pulling out all the stops to recapture their followers, who are abandoning the cause as spring is starting off as the coldest ever on record. That doesn’t mean the coldest ever, only the coldest since 1880 or so.

So, let me see if I understand this.

First we have Al Gore whining that a “modern-day Thomas Paine would not be able to get his “Common Sense” message to the masses today because he couldn’t afford TV airtime, and he criticized the “rise of television at the expense of the printing press.””

How about the rise of that thingy you invented? What was the name of that thingy?

Oh, yes! The internet!

Someone should explain to Mr. Gore that the printing press requires paper, which requires trees.

Gore continues to tour the world, preaching that the climate is changing, and we will all be held accountable if we do nothing.

I suppose we could all buy fans, and on Earth Day next year, we could turn them on at the same time, point them upwards and blow all of the bad gasses out into space.

What do you mean that isn’t likely to work?

Wasn’t this the same man who sold his Currentv to an oil backed al-Jazeera?

Your followers may not believe it, but we know who you are, Mr. Gore. The only kind of green you care about is money. Typical Democrat who points the finger at others and cries out “Greed!” while lining his own pockets.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Al Gore is a money grubbing whore, just like the rest of them, but here’s where I was surprised.

Representative Barbara Lee (D-California; anyone surprised?) has introduced a bill that will recognize the impacts of global warming on women.

If we allow global warming to go unchecked, despite snowfall in Denver, women will be forced into prostitution.

I’m not making this up. Read the bill.

Of course, she doesn’t use the word prostitution, she uses the word sexual transactions. Honestly, where does California find these people? I’m beginning to understand why Oregon is so screwed up.

It could also put undue stresses on the female farmer.

But that’s okay, because the government will probably give them money.

The resolution does nothing, so I am going to get a bit stressed here for a moment.

Why do we elect these Congresspeople who go to Washington and introduce these chickenshit recognition resolutions? What do they do? Make us aware? Would any of you have even heard of this resolution if I hadn’t mentioned it? HELL NO!

Stop wasting Congress’ time, and the taxpayer’s money and do something useful, like going home and staying there! You are obviously as useless as tits on a bull.

What point is there to be made, than to spread fear? Fear that women might be forced into prosti… er… sexual transactions as climate changes.

For those who are new to this, climate is a range, a series of averages based on weather. Weather is what we deal with on a daily basis, and it is constantly changing. Right now, most of the country is dealing with a colder than usual spring, while we in the Northwest are having a warmer than usual spring. This is the kind of spring that I remember growing up. getting warmer and sunnier during the lead up to summer, then a long, hot summer.

The last decade or so, we have had lousy, wet summers. Last year was the first great summer in a long time. I’ve found that if the weather is warm and tolerable in February, we are in for a lousy, wet, cold summer. If May is warm instead, summer will be nice. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but I expect a nice summer. If we get that, it shows me that climate is cyclical.

But her resolution is tilted towards women. Is that to say that men won’t be affected by climate change? How about black male farmers or Hispanic male farmers? They won’t be affected?

This sounds like it is setting up an all new payout.

The government was never intended to make payouts to citizens or non-citizens.

But the Democrats keep giving stuff away to the illegal aliens in hopes that they will reap the benefits of giving them free citizenship.

The State of Oregon is now going to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens on the theory that a license will make them buy insurance. How will that work, exactly, when there are a lot of people driving without licenses and without insurance?

You don’t need a bullshit detector to hear it load and clear. The message is we have now provided you with ID with which you may now register to vote, and make sure you vote for us, the Democrat Party who made all of this possible! Don’t forget to pick up your Oregon Trail card, your wic authentication and your welfare check!

In the meantime, we’ll educate the children you brought over, at no cost to you since you don’t pay taxes. We’ll give you free healthcare, too!

As long as the government continues to pay people, and give them handouts, they will need more and more from us. At a certain point, those who have will start to hide what they have, or stop producing.

What happens when there is nothing left to give out?

Mozambique Rhino (Getty Images)

White Rhino (Getty Images)

Someone in Congress will create a resolution recognizing the fact that three is nothing left to give, and the poor and women will be hit hardest.

On a more serious note, I ran across this just as I was getting ready to publish.

The last of the white rhinos in Mozambique has been eradicated by poachers. This madness must end. We must not hunt animals into extinction to satisfy someone else’s ego or lust for ivory. Making fun of the climate change crowd is one thing, but this is disgusting.

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