Obama’s Benghazi Problem

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Seal of the United States Department of State.

Seal of the United States Department of State. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the Benghazi hearings are starting to move forward again, the left is jumping up and down pointing to budget cuts made by Congress (read: Republicans) to the State Department budget. They are using this to insinuate that it is the Republicans fault that Benghazi did not have proper security when it was attacked.

However, according to the Washington Timesa State Department official told The Washington Times that there was no impact on security in Benghazi from the cuts.

What is being ignored by the left is that Ambassador Stevens asked for more security in the weeks leading up to the attack. He knew something was brewing, and Hillary Clinton herself denied the additional security, despite claiming she knew nothing of it.

From CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson (via twitter @SharylAttkisson):

Cong Report: Secy Clinton signed an 4/12 State Dept cable acknowledging then-Amb Cretz’s formal request for additional security assets

The entire report is here.

If cuts to security need to be made, why not cut them from less dangerous parts of the world, like Austria? Switzerland? Canada?

Why is it that, according to Democrats, we can’t spend enough? Why can’t we cut other areas? There is a large amount of waste in government spending, but not one of them sits down and tries to figure out where it is. Heritage.org sits down regularly and finds waste. Why can’t government staffers do the same?

The left will do anything to protect “Dear Leader”. They distract, pointing fingers to budget cuts instead of the lack of action by the White House and State Department. They point to videos and other sudden uprisings from the “religion of peace”. They try to discredit the witnesses who were actually there, before they even say anything.

Contrary to Press Secretary Jay Carney claiming that witnesses were not blocked from testifying and Obama’s assertions that he was not aware that any were blocked from testifying, Greg Hicks, in his testimony today said that he was told to not talk to Congressional investigators.

Jay Carney this morning, parroted State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell:

“This is a subject that has from its beginning been subject to attempts to politicize it by Republicans, while in fact what happened in Benghazi was a tragedy.”

State Department Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism Mark Thompson’s response when pressed by Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton:

“I do not politicize my job, Madam. I have served under three presidents.” 

Here’s how Pat Smith, mother of murder victim Sean Smith feels about that:

Of course, it’s political. That’s the way it’s been. That’s how they’re treating it. That’s what they’re doing with it. They’re making it into something that — why don’t they just do their job? They didn’t do their job and now they’re hiding behind the word political and going from there.

Charles Woods, father of slain SEAL Tyrone Woods, has gone on the radio and expressed the same feelings.

How dare we, the unwashed and uninitiated, question why Dear Leader went to bed while this was going on? Why were the Special Forces in Tripoli called off? Don’t give me that bullshit about they weren’t in the correct posture. In addition to being an elite mission force, the Special Forces are a Rapid Response Force. So don’t tell me they weren’t ready. I don’t buy it.

Why was General Carter Ham, head of AFRICOM replaced by Obama?

This administration is starting to squirm, and doing their best to hide, deflect and deny.

It’s shocking to note that the Democrats are more interested in protecting Dear Leader and saving Hillary’s 2016 run than they are in getting answers.

The other day, the President said, in his speech to graduates at Ohio State University. to ignore those who cry “tyranny”, that say that we can’t govern ourselves. Tyranny is just a buzzword. Government can fail in multiple ways. Incompetence is one. Getting too partisan is another. That doesn’t mean we can’t govern ourselves, it means that instead of being “diverse”, we’ve allowed ourselves to be saddled by one trick ponies.

Congress should not be interested in protecting the President any more than it should be interested in bringing him down unless he has committed a crime.

Of course, even if the House brings articles of Impeachment, I doubt the Senate would convict.

We are seeing the fruits of the warnings that George Washington made about political parties back in 1796.

That’s the government we now have.

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What I don’t understand is why no one is calling this and other disgracful, unconstitutional, pathetic acts what they are. It’s treason and no one seems to be saying it but me. I realize the system is too corrupt for treason charges to stick but could we at least start calling it what is , treason.

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