NYC to Confer Right to Vote to Non-Citizens

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Suffrage Parade  (LOC)

Suffrage Parade (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

What the hell just happened?

The NYC City Council is on the verge of approving a piece of legislation that both I and Nanny Bloomberg oppose.

I’ve agreed with both Michael Moore AND Nanny Bloomberg in the same year! Is it just me, or did it get a little colder in here all of a sudden?

The City Council has decided that it is in their best interest to “give” non-citizens the right to vote.

As I said yesterday, the government mentality is that rights are for them to confer and take away from anyone.

Their mentality is that “they live here too, so why shouldn’t they have a say?”

In addition, they accept the following as identification:

copy of a valid photo ID, current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or some other government document that shows your name or address

Because none of the last items can be forged, or used by someone who isn’t that person.

“This is extremely important, because it’s based on the founding principle of this country and that was, ‘No Taxation Without Representation.’ All of the people who would be included in this and would be allowed to vote are paying taxes, they’ve contributed to society,”

Wow. How ignorant we’ve become. The Revolution did not start because of “no taxation without representation”. It started because of “keep your filthy hands off my fucking guns!” Weapon confiscation was what caused the tensions with Britain to flare into a hot war.

No taxation without representation is something else that has been twisted by liberals over time. They believe that taxation is okay, because we have representatives. There’s a reason that the Constitution restricted how we could be taxed, it had nothing to do with representatives.

It was more than that. Americans had been making their own decisions for decades, and they resented a power that was an ocean away trying to tell them what to do. They thought it was unfair to be taxed by the crown when they had no say in it. It wasn’t the taxes as much as it was that they had no voice in the government.

“The Mayor believes voting is the most important right we are granted as citizens and you should have to go through the process of becoming a citizen and declaring allegiance to this country before being given that right. That being said, this bill violates the State constitution and the Administration does not support it,” Evelyn Erskine, a spokeswoman for the mayor said.

Voting is not a right to be granted. Government exists by the consent of the governed. It doesn’t matter if that government is republican, monarchical or totalitarian. Even if the citizenry does nothing, they are silently consenting to the government. To be sure, voting is a right reserved to those who are citizens, and that is why the government has no right to decide who they are going to confer this right to. If they get away with conferring voting rights on non-citizens they have then taken, by fiat, the power to disenfranchise.

The article also mentions one other thing that I disagree with, even though I oppose this kind of legislation.

There is one other person who could potentially block the bill despite its support: mayoral candidate and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. After Thursday’s hearing, the bill would next need to be scheduled for a vote in committee. If is passes that vote, it would need to go to the council floor for a vote. As speaker, Ms. Quinn decides when bills come to the floor, effectively giving her power to stall legislation indefinitely.

If it passes through the process, then let it go to a vote. Congress works like this as well. Both John Boehner (and Nancy Pelosi before him) have withheld legislation from a vote because they disagreed with it. Our democracy does not work on the basis of a single person, EXCEPT the president holding up legislation. The Speaker of the House, not the Senate Majority leader are the President. They do not have the power to veto.

Bring it to a vote, good bad or indifferent.

Modern day Democrats seem to have this Gene Roddenberry/Star Trek view of the universe, that this planet will become “united” and we will all agree on everything. Poor people will no longer exist, but neither will rich people. No one will be hungry, and we will have “saved” the environment. Nations no longer exist, and we all live under the United Federation.

It’s too bad that these Utopian dreams generally turn out to be nightmares.

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