IRS Jackboots: The New Brownshirts

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News broke last week that the IRS admitted it singled out Conservative groups in 2012 for review.

It is now starting to grow, and spin out of the control of the current administration, despite their best attempts to get a handle on it.

CNN is reporting that Obama said he learned of the allegations through news reports on Friday.


The IRS head honchos knew that this was going on as far back as 2011 (according to CNN) and even as early as March, 2010 (according to ABC News). The Inspector General works for the President, and he did not keep the president informed about a major ongoing investigation?

I have asked before, what kind of leader does not know what is going on beneath him? I understand that he cannot keep track of every single little thing, that’s why he has department heads. You know, those people the Senate confirms?

Isn’t the job of the department heads to report back to the president, keep him informed? If they aren’t keeping him informed, they should be replaced. Send the message that these games will not be tolerated.

Or, the president might learn of it if he attended his briefings instead of hitting the links.

We have elected, and re-elected, the most uninformed president that we have ever had.

He is so bad that he makes Carter look competent. The only person I can think of who is more incompetent is Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota.

Bachmann said over the weekend that the IRS scandal was released by the Obama administration to take heat from Obama over Benghazi.


It makes no sense to me to release details of another scandal to distract from a scandal.

That would be like JFK trying to distract the country about the failed Bay of Pigs by releasing details that he was doing Marilyn Monroe.

I’m beginning to wonder about people in Minnesota, electing her to Congress and Jesse Ventura as governor.

Of course, Queen Nancy Pelosi claims it is a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. The decision stated that corporations and non-profits can run ads expressing their views, but cannot contribute directly to candidates. In her statement, she says that what the IRS did should be condemned, but then defended them, saying it isn’t their fault.

And these two continually get elected to Congress.

The scandal has been growing over the weekend, and Jay Carney had to step in front of the cameras to say the IRS needed “the very best public servants with the highest levels of integrity”. 

Government integrity. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Jewish groups have been targeted, along with groups that spoke out against the government, groups that are concerned about government spending, and groups focused on the Constitution itself.

The Washington Post reports that the IRS scrutinized those groups that criticized the government.

Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, claims that outspoken business leaders were targeted.

Reuters reports that it started out as a probe of “Tea Party” groups, but grew to include others over time.

Remember last year’s election, when the personal information of big bankroll donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign were being leaked from the IRS? How about the donor who was audited by the IRS? Then by the Labor Department? All after the Obama campaign slandered him? The Wall Street Journal picked the story up.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a high ranking official knew back in mid-2011 that the IRS was doing bad things, a year before the IRS Commissioner went before a Congressional committee group and testified that the IRS was not acting inappropriately.

Over the past year or so, DHS has been warning about right wing conservatives who they claim might become terrorists  They later added those who don’t trust the government to this watchlist. They expect us to accept a government database that holds all the information about us if we go through a background check. DHS is apparently growing nervous about the growing anger among the American people.

That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the government. The outrage is so palpable that even liberals like Tom Brokaw and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski are outraged.

The government knows we aren’t happy with them. The government knows we are growing angrier.

Still, this is not the first time the IRS has been used to exert political pressure on political foes.

JFK, LBJ, and Nixon all used the IRS to put pressure on their enemies. Nixon should come as no surprise. He was as crooked as the Deschutes River. But LBJ was forced to not seek a second term (he served less than two years of JFK’s remaining term) because of the unpopularity of the Vietnam war, his War on Poverty and Great Society programs.

But JFK?

If this book is correct, then yes, he did. I have not read the book, however, only this review.

The IRS has become an extension of every government agency. Out of all the government agencies, the power it wields is second to none.

Obamacare makes the IRS the primary enforcer of Obamacare.

What agency do Americans fear more than any other?

Do we honestly believe anything that comes out of Obama’s or Carney’s mouth anymore? We know that almost everything he has told us is a lie. Although he won re-election, he has a major credibility gap. Even MSNBC is starting to turn against him.

Nothing happens without the president’s knowledge. His minions may be the ones handling everything, so that he is shielded from the fallout in case it is ever discovered, but he knows. It is Hollywood’s favorite term when it comes to political dramas; “Plausible Deniability”. It is the assumption that people are dumb and can’t figure out that the president knows more than he is claiming.

I say this. Keep playing your political games and illegal activities. You will feel the wrath of the American people soon.

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