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Philadelphia Eagles Evan Matthews pees on IRS sign via his twitter account)

Philadelphia Eagles Evan Matthews pees on IRS sign (photo via his twitter account)

It’s official. President has now lost the left, and if he has lost MSNBC, he is on the verge of losing his base.

Chris Matthews, on his show last night finally started questioning the President. Long gone is the “thrill running up his leg”. Matthews openly questioned whether Obama likes being an executive. The answer to that is obviously no. I’ll tell you what he does like. The attention. The adoration. The lavish parties. The exorbitant vacations for him and his family. The “free” travel all across the country and around the world. He and his family have immersed themselves fully, as others have observed, into the French aristocracy that plagued France and led them to revolution. Unfortunately, that led to a dictator who conquered most of Europe.

As much as the Democrats have tried to paint the Republicans as corrupt, there is no greater stench of corruption than that that is emanating from the White House.

Matthews even went as far as saying that the President runs the government and he has to be accountable for it. Apparently not, if you listen to Obama.

The President was obviously never taught that actions speak louder than words. He can talk about how he wants to govern, how there are things he wants to do, but his actions say he doesn’t want to deal with actually doing it. He would rather lecture to us, giving us “teachable moments” than tackle the budget or get spending under control. If he doesn’t want to run the government, if he does not want to be held accountable, the perks are the only logical explanation for why one would want to run for President.

He wants to all of the perks without any of the responsibility.

The President is becoming more and more isolated. He’s lost MSNBC. Hell, he’s lost all of NBC.

The White House “warned” the press not to compare Obama to Nixon. That evening NBC anchor Brian Williams went on the air and compared Obama to Nixon. I guess that’s their way of giving the White House the finger. Where the press used to comply, now they are in open rebellion.

Don’t worry, AP, no one is coming to take your guns or your printing presses. Isn’t that what you told gun rights activists who are concerned the government is moving towards confiscation?

What we are seeing in all of these departments is a reflection of the President. The President runs the government, but is blissfully ignorant of what is going on beneath him.

Eric Holder runs the Department of Justice, and is blissfully ignorant about the Fast & Furious scandal. He is blissfully ignorant about his Deputy’s decision to subpoena the AP phone records, without telling the AP as required by law. Holder had no input to that decision. The Department of Justice blithely declined to investigate and prosecute their boss. They chose to be blissfully ignorant.

In an ironic twist, Holder, testifying before Congress, berated Representative Darrell Issa for his conduct as a member of Congress, saying it was “unacceptable, and it’s shameful“. Wow. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Your conduct, Mr. Holder, has been unacceptable and shameful your entire tenure. A chip off the old boss.

When asked if he was going to appoint a special counsel to investigate Benghazi, he succinctly said “no”. He wouldn’t want to find out anything that might get Obama in trouble or damage the Democrat party.

The head of the IRS, Bush appointee Doug Shulman seemed to be blissfully unaware when he went before Congress and said these things weren’t happening. He left shortly after the 2012 election, to be replaced by Steve Miller, who this all fell on like a ton of bricks. He resigned, but he only had a month left in his tenure, so is his resignation really that significant?

The Head of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, was blissfully unaware of what was going on in the Departments beneath him.

The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  was blissfully unaware that she had signed off on the denials of extra security to consulate in Benghazi.

Do you sense a pattern here?

Clinton resigned, and couldn’t get out of Washington fast enough. Geithner resigned and left. Petraeus resigned in disgrace after having been thrown under the bus by the administration  Leon Panetta resigned and left. Holder was going to resign, but was talked into staying. Apparently because Obama needed someone to hold the bag for him.

Resignations are not enough. Someone has to be fired, but sadly, no one will be. They will be allowed to leave their jobs so they can write books and prepare for their next campaigns.

Four people have been identified in Cincinnati as being involved in this scandal. They claim they were only following orders from their bosses. The “only following orders” defense never works, because shit rolls downhill. Those at the bottom always get stepped on to protect those above them.

This president is no longer credible. It’s only a matter of time before he falls. He admonishes those who work for him, saying that this kind of activity is outrageous and unacceptable. Then he tries to intimidate the press by warning them not to perform certain actions and digging in to reporters phone records, all the while proclaiming that he is a staunch defender of the freedom of the press.

Remember, just a few days ago at Ohio State University, he said that there would be voices crying “tyranny!”, and that they should reject those voices.

Could it be because he and his administration are acting like tyrants?

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