GMOs Not Harmful Like Hippies Want You to Believe

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English: Chemtrails

Chemtrails (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We live in a day and age where it seems that everyone is wearing tinfoil hats.

If it isn’t “chemtrails” being spewed by commercial aircraft, it’s that the government is controlling the weather (you would think they would at least make it sunny and 70°), or that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and that it is at Area 51 being reverse engineered.

And let’s not forget the fake moon landings.

People listen too much to the likes of Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Clyde LewisJesse Ventura, and of course the retired Art Bell, now replaced by George Noory. Personally, I think Ventura was dropped on his head too many times during his pro wrestling career, but too many people give these people credence.

The latest thing, it seems is genetically modified foods, or GMOs as they are more commonly known.

Why do biotech companies genetically modify food? For several reasons. To make them less appetizing to pests, thus lessening the need for pesticides, keep it ripe longer, to make it more flavorful and making the product larger and the crops more fruitful to keep up with the demand for food on this world.

It wasn’t that long ago that people were warning that the world’s food supply would dwindle, leading to global conflict. GMOs may have solved that problem.

But people like my sister seem to be afraid of them. She once said that she doesn’t want her nephew to grow a third eye.

The first genetically modified food was introduced nearly 20 years ago, and we have yet to hear of children who eat GMOs growing a third eye.

In reality, genetically modified foods have been around for a long time, a lot longer than 20 years.

Cattle, both dairy and meat, have been cross bred and selectively bred to produce more milk or more meat. Perhaps the most common animals known for cross breeding are dogs and cats. That’s how we end up with the mutt, which are often the best dogs of all.

Sometimes, the breeding doesn’t work as was hoped. Roosters that were cross bred for fast muscle growth did not know how to do the courtship dances, and would often kill the hens after breeding with them. It was all trial and error with the domesticated animal population.

The same has been done with plants. Oregon is famous for its tall mountains, beautiful beaches, wine and hippies.

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Marionberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not quite so famous, except in Oregon and the west coast, is the marionberry. The marionberry is a type of blackberry developed in Oregon at Oregon State University. It is the descendant of a cross between the olallieberry and Chehalem blackberry. Both of those berries are, in turn, crossbreeds of other berries.

The corn we eat today is a product of selective breeding.

In other words, they are GMOs, but the practice was not done like it is today. Before labs and genetic engineering, breeding was done by trial and error. It took time and mistakes were made.

When the genes of one breed are mixed with the genes of another breed, the DNA become a mixture of both breeds, and thus a whole new DNA strand.

The problem isn’t that genetically modified foods are necessarily bad for you, but that it sounds scary. My sister also maintains that if bugs won’t eat it, then she probably shouldn’t either, despite that GMOs have been modified to be less appetizing to bugs.

However, here’s the flaw in her logic.

There are bugs that eat sewage and rotten stuff. Since they will eat that, does that mean we should too?

I know you hippies out there are adverse to modern conveniences like water, soap, shampoo and deodorant, but a small minority of people should not be allowed to determine what we eat.

If you want to buy overpriced “organic” foods (and believe me, there is a lot about “organic” foods that you don’t know) and increase your food bill, fine. That’s your choice, and more power to you, but you have no right to decide that my food bill should go up as well.

There are those who demand that those foods that have been genetically modified be labeled.

That means everything will be labeled, because it has all been genetically modified at one time or another. Everything.

Some have even taken to growing their own gardens. Do you know for a fact that the seeds have not been genetically modified? They have. Vegetables today are much larger than they were in olden times because of selective breeding.

You can’t escape genetically modified foods. They are a fact of life, whether done in a lab or a barnyard. The lab, however, poses less risks. In the last 40 or so years, however, we have been bombarded by stories of things grown in a lab that have escaped, be it wild, feral animals, genetic mutations, or superbugs designed for warfare. We are fearful of Frankenstein’s monster escaping the castle.

This has made the paranoid even more delusional, and the end result is that there are people out there who are afraid of anything done in a lab.

Penicillin came from a lab, too. Never forget that.

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