Obama Wants to Tax the Middle Class… Again

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A United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who still believes that Obama only wants to raise taxes on the rich are keeping their heads willfully buried either in the sand or in their nether regions.

Many Obama supporter were surprised when he signed the end of the payroll tax holiday into law, then saw their next paychecks.

Then there are the hidden taxes in Obamacare.

Now he is proposing a $14 per flight “fee” on airlines, which means the passengers will be footing the bill.

He says he needs the new fee to reduce the deficit, pay for improvements to our nation’s airports, and hire thousands of Customs and Immigration agents.

I find the last a bit dubious, because the King, I mean the President has already said he is not going to enforce current immigration policy through his use of Executive Orders.

He needs more and more to pay for the deficit. Yes, the deficit must be paid for before we can start bringing down the debt. We have to pay for things that we want, but what Washington doesn’t seem to understand is that we don’t want most of what they are offering.

We do not want to give aircraft and tanks to Egypt. We don’t want to pay countries in the Middle East to be our friends. If we have to pay them, they aren’t really our friends to begin with.

We don’t want welfare or food stamps, we want jobs.

At least, most of us do.

When the government calls something a “fee”, they are attempting to hide the fact that it is yet another tax increase, this time an increase in the taxes you already pay to fly.

Fourteen dollars isn’t all that much, but it adds up. A family of five would be taxed $140 to go on vacation, if they fly.

Airlines claim that this will impact shipping as well, causing shipping costs to rise for everyone. That could be a lot come Christmas time.

Government is always digging deeper and deeper into your pockets to find more spare change, to gouge you to fund their pet projects. This tax system that we have is the most oppressive tax system this nation has ever seen. Government at all levels is constantly coming up with new taxes and fees. This is no different.

Is it our fault that the government is always looking for more revenue from the Bank of the People?


The fault would lie with our grandparents and great-grandparents. They are the ones who let this system be adopted, and did nothing to stop it.

It is us who have to live with the tyranny of taxation.

No taxation without representation?



We have the technology and the capabilities to have national votes. Since Congress has failed us, IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS!

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