Government: To Fix All These Bridges, We Need More Revenue!

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Photos of the I-5 Skagit River Bridge

The I-5 Skagit River Bridge (Photo credit: WSDOT)

In the wake of the Skagit River bridge collapse, the government has finally decided that we need to do something about these dangerous bridges we cross every day.

It’s not just the bridges, but the roads as well.

In the city of Portland, Oregon (near where I live), it was discovered by the outgoing mayor (Sam Adams) that there were some 65 miles of unpaved roads in the city limits.

65 miles in a modern American city! Wow!

But like I said, he only figured that out when he was on his way out the door. He spent a lot of time and money on bike paths and restrooms for homeless people outside City Hall. He also spent a lot of money on bike boxes around the city.

For those who don’t know what bike boxes are, at certain intersections throughout the city, he had a big green box painted in the road for bikes to occupy when the light is red, blocking traffic and making it impossible for a car to make a legal right turn on red. In addition, the paint in these boxes made them slicker than shit when it rained. Sometimes bikes would slide in them, or cars as they passed through.


The State of Oregon is also going to spend about $2 million dollars adding electronic signs to highway 217 in order to inform us when the pavement is wet, and the recommended speed to travel. Are these signs also going to tell us when it is foggy?

It’s in the name of “safety”, but it won’t change anything here. There are too many transplants who don’t realize that it rains here, and when it rains, the road gets wet. As soon as a single raindrop falls from the skies, people slam on their brakes and reduce speed to 15 mph.

One of the big problems with government is that it reacts rather than plans. Oh sure, there are planning departments, but they are misnamed, as they really don’t plan anything.

Highway 26 in Portland was widened starting back in 1996, and that project went on for 10 years. They widened the highway from 2 lanes to 3 (4 coming down the hill). They ran it out to Cornell Road, well short of where it needed to be (out to North Plains). Now they’ve discovered that traffic congestion has picked up further west, and have pushed the expansion out to 185th, still well short of North Plains. Now, 185th out to Shute Road is getting congested, in part due to an off ramp out at Cornelius Pass Road.

I realize most people have no idea about the area I’m talking about. My point is that ODOT is reacting to traffic rather than planning ahead and taking care of the problem before it develops.

Anyway, a side effect to discovering that our infrastructure is in need of repair, members of the Federal government have decreed that we need more revenue to “invest” in our infrastructure. That means “we need to raise taxes!” That seems to be the latest battle cry from Washington. The government sees we, the people, as a bottomless pit of money. Not just the Feds, but the state and local officials as well.

It kind of reminds me how your children have no concept of money, and don’t understand why you can’t buy them a certain toy because you’re broke.

Government is like a group of children, but instead of asking for money, they have been granted the authority to just take it.

How long are we going to put up with this?

It doesn’t matter to the government that we are spending billions on foreign nations, many of whom hate us, spending billions on overlapping government programs in different departments.

Grants to study why lesbians are fat? Really?

Grants to study the effect of sheep and cow flatulence on the environment?

How about we abolish the Department of Education? Grants to schools for every case of ADD that they diagnose? No wonder there are so many people who say they have ADD.

There are a few basic things the government needs to fund via our tax dollars. Scientific research is not one of them. Guaranteeing loans, be they home loans, student loans or loans to billion dollar companies is not among them. Paying members of Congress nearly $200,000 a year is not among them. Congress must be compensated, but $200k? Really? You can’t survive on less, Mrs. Pelosi, or would that just sully your dignity so much that you would no longer be able to serve?

Instead of raising our taxes, how about you look, really look for the money in your existing budgets?

Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any budgets. You think that people shit money.

There’s no need to actually work, or hire someone to comb the books looking for money. You’re too busy blaming the other party for our woes rather than fixing the problem.

Now wonder people prefer cockroaches to Congress.

Maybe we should start electing some cockroaches to send to Washington. Maybe they could get something done.

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