The Obamacare Deception

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Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California and Oregon both released proposed rates for health insurance through their state exchanges last week.

The left immediately started crowing and praising Obamacare, pointing and saying “see, we told you rates would be low!”

One person even commented on a friend’s Facebook page:

“Sort of makes you wonder (rhetorically) why the GOP tried 37 times to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.”

The man has either not been paying attention, or not reading this blog.

According to this, the cheapest plan I will be able to get is $195 a month. I put emphasis on the word proposed, because as we all know when dealing with anything where the government is concerned, there is a huge difference between what is proposed and what is reality.

At the end of the year, I will be unemployed again. My health insurance rates will go up 60% on the healthcare exchange, assuming I am eligible to do so, since my wife gets health insurance through her work. That’s just for barebones coverage. The amount I currently pay for better insurance is much less than the exchange rate.

A sixty percent increase for a law that was supposed to bring healthcare costs down.

The only thing this administration is good at is costing us, the citizens, more money.

However, Forbes magazine includes an analysis of California’s proposed rates, and they say that premiums will go up as much as 146%.

What it comes down to is the law was designed to force young people into the insurance market to subsidize seniors and illegal immigrants who should not have access to anything in this country, except the door to show them back out of the country.

By being unemployed again next year, and being reduced to a single income family, how are we supposed to survive when we have a government gun to our head saying that we will spend that money one way or another, either by purchasing insurance or paying the IRS, who will be in charge of enforcing Obamacare.

This country became what it was by the government staying out of our business and letting us live our lives. It is on the decline because government is all in our business about everything. Under the guise of keeping us healthy, they are taking more power for themselves and inserting themselves into our lives on the belief that we can’t take care of ourselves, though we’ve done very well for the past 200 years, thank you very much.

I am one of those individuals who falls in the hole. Not low income enough to have taxpayers pay my insurance for me, but not high income enough to pay for it.

What was that about you wanting a thriving Middle Class, Mr. Obama?

Part of this came about because people complained that those who went to the emergency room ended up causing their insurance rates to go up.

Now, their rates are going to go up to pay for insurance for those same people that they were complaining about.

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.


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2 Responses to “The Obamacare Deception”

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Government health care will save YOU money. right now when an illegal immigrant shows up to a hospital they get treated. where does that money come from. Our tax money. What happens when an American Citizen needs to be treated but can’t afford it. They get treated and OUR tax money pays for it. 15% of Americans don’t have health insurance. That means that WE are paying for 15% of the people in hospitals around the country right now. This means that OBAMACARE is forcing everyone to chip in. That way that there will NOT be 85% of hard working Americans paying for 15% because EVERYONE will be contributing therefor saving YOU money. HOW??? because this 15% YOU are paying for right now will have to pay for themselves. Illegal immigration is another issue and I agree with you. It is unfair that we as hardworking american citizens have to pay for them. But we are already doing it so obamacare won’t help or hurt that aspect.

As far as I understand how the system worked, our tax dollars did not go to paying hospitals for emergency room visits. People who had insurance would pick up that tab. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about their premiums going up because of the non-insured going to the ER for treatment.

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986 requires hospitals to treat people regardless of ability to pay. The law does NOT contain reimbursement provisions, so saying that our taxes pay for this is a complete fallacy.

Therefore, Obamacare is NOT going to save me 15%, because taxes were not used to cover these expenses to begin with. Even if they did, my taxes would still same the same, so I wouldn’t save anything, because the government is not going to suddenly give me a 15% discount.

As far as people’s premiums going up because of ER visits, that is actually a very small part of their premium increases. The current causes of premium increases are to cover the coming taxes hidden in Obamacare, such as the infamous “medical device tax”, and the tax on charitable hospitals.

After discussions with my wife over the weekend, my premiums will rise anywhere from 60% to 233%, depending on if I can get insurance through an exchange or am forced to purchase it through my wife, which would be much more expensive.

It is my opinion that it is not the role of government to force us to purchase something we do not wish to have and don’t give me the spin that we have to buy car insurance. They are two completely different animals.

The government is not forcing everyone to pay for ER visits by the uninsured. Health insurance companies know that most young people do not purchase health insurance, so there is a pool of people not purchasing their products. Insurance lobbyists hit Washington to push this through in order to force that pool of young people into purchasing health insurance, so that these insurance companies can inflate their profits. It’s as simple as that. This monstrosity is brought to you by Aetna, United Healthcare and other insurance providers and their allies in Congress.

If you honestly believe that Obamacare came about for the “greater good”, then you have been fooled and need to pay closer attention. I have blogged extensively about Obamacare and what is coming. I always link to my sources so people know I am not pulling this stuff out of my ass.

In the end, Obamacare is not going to save me one red cent, but cost me a whole lot of money that I can’t afford.

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