Enter the PRISM

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Lamps as seen through a prism

Just when it seemed that the government could not be any further out of control than it is, enter PRISM.

PRISM is, rather, was, a top secret program that the NSA and FBI used to tap directly into the central servers of the major internet companies:  “Collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.”

Photos, video chats, audio chats, financial transactions and data, emails, Facebook and other forum posts. Nothing escapes the prying eyes of Big Brother.

Trillions of phone calls, posts, chats, videos all parsed through these agencies. Supposedly the NSA is prohibited from spying on Americans.

And the CIA is prohibited from operating in the US, too.

How can they possibly troll through trillions of different pieces of data without spying on Americans?

The FBI and the the NSA (along with potentially other government agencies) have just pissed on the Fourth Amendment, and shown their absolute disdain for it. Police are constantly whining about having to get warrants, reading Miranda rights, and having to follow the rules of probable cause. They also don’t like lawyers getting involved during questioning.

There was a controversy over the Boston Marathon bomber not being Mirandized, and shutting his mouth as soon as he was. It is amazing the number of people who don’t know that they don’t have to say anything to the police, or that they can have a lawyer present during questioning. That’s why we have Miranda. Miranda does nothing other than inform you of your rights. It doesn’t grant or confer rights, merely informs you of those that you have.

Gaining phone records may not be illegal (the Supreme Court ruling in 1979 that you willingly gave numbers you dialed to the phone company and knew they kept records of it), but that does not make it right. Things have changed since 1979, with the advent of the personal computer and the cell phone.

People posting on Facebook or other forums may not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, since they are posting on public forums. I don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy for what I post on this blog, but I think I do have an expectation of privacy when it comes to my account information.

That goes for private emails, bank transactions, credit/debit card transactions, chats of any kind through Skype, or even the contents of private phone calls.

I think people finding out about Verizon’s phone records were shocked to learn that news. Many did not put together until later that it wasn’t just Verizon, but if they were giving up that data, carriers such as AT&T and Sprint were as well.

But this is not just Obama’s administration. This was all set up under Bush with the Patriot Act.

I had a brief discussion with one of my aunts last night, and she said that she was tired of people blaming Bush for everything.

I’m not blaming him for everything.

He did drive the economy into the ground. He and Cheney set up the modern police state.

Obama came into office and whined about it, and has done virtually nothing about it, except expand the police state.

I’m not blaming Bush, but if you are outraged over the actions of the Obama administration, but felt that the Bush administration’s actions were justified, you are a hypocrite. You can’t have it both ways.

An aunt told me last night that the Bush administration only targeted outbound calls of suspected terrorists, not Americans.

That’s what they said, anyway. There is mounting evidence (if only circumstantial) that this has been going on since the Bush administration.

“Everyone should just calm down and understand this isn’t anything that is brand new,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), who added that the phone-data program has “worked to prevent” terrorist attacks.

That’s always the Court Jester’s response. It isn’t anything new, so we should just accept it. The government knows what’s best.

How does this ass clown keep getting reelected? Are the people of Nevada that stupid?

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is glad that the government is trolling everyone’s phone records.

This is why Senator Feinstein wants your guns, because she knew the people would be pissed if they ever found out the truth.

This is a direct result of the Patriot Act, and like most laws, it is short sighted and has created unintended consequences and abuses.

Not that the government would ever abuse such a law (wink, wink).

Whenever the government gets caught with its hand in the cookie jar, their knee jerk reaction is “Uhhhh, National Security. We’ve caught lots of terrorists and foiled lots of plots with these methods”?

So, where are these terrorists that have been caught? Gitmo? I thought Gitmo wasn’t accepting new applications. I thought the president wanted to close it down.

So where are they? Victims of presidential drone strikes?

Technology, it appears, is like fire. It is a great and wonderful tool and plaything. It keeps us warm, allows us to roast marshmallows and hot dogs while we are out camping (and trying to stay warm). It incinerates incriminating evidence. (J/K)

But if we are negligent, that tool can suddenly spread out of control and become a raging forest fire.

The computing power of today’s smartphones makes the early personal computers look like microwaves.

With the constant innovation of today’s technology and computing power, the government has discovered that it can harness this power for its own purposes.

Those who believe that government is inherently good have received a serious blow to the solar plexus with these repeated revelations.

The idea that government, or at least as it was conceived in the Constitution, is inherently good may be true.

It’s the people who seek power, or are easily corruptible by power, who aren’t.

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