HGTV: The American Flag Makes a Great Tablecloth!

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Some idiot thought this was a good idea

Some idiot thought this was a good idea

I get to work this morning all pissed off and riled up. I had heard on the radio on my drive in that HGTV, the “Home & Garden Decoration” website had an article on Fourth of July decoration.

Some numbskull thought it would be a good idea to suggest that you use an American flag as a decorative tablecloth. They even went as far as suggesting you use nylon to clean spills up more easily.

I’m sure the articles author thought this was harmless enough, and obviously the editors did as well. (The article has since been pulled and an apology issued)

This is not the only example of disrespect that we show this nation’s flag.

Clothing manufacturers have discovered it as a source of revenue.

The flag that people have sacrificed life and limb for, that people have have bled for to bring freedom to us and others.

The American flag is not a do-rag for your greasy head. It is not a pair of pants or shorts to be warn near your junk.

It is not a shirt, nor a jacket.

I’m sure that people are not intending to be disrespectful of the flag, but there are certain things you do not do with it.

You do not wear it. If you want to wear an American flag patch, that’s fine. That’s completely different. It isn’t the shirt/jacket/shorts that is constant contact with your skin.

You do not let it lay or drag on the ground. If it touches the ground (or if it needs to be retired), you burn it. That’s what I was taught.

You fold it in a triangle for storage.

I saw a funeral home near where I live display on their readerboard that if you need to retire your flag, you could just drop it off with them. They collect a lot of things like coats and clothes and recycle them.

Flags are not to be recycled. They are to be burned when they need to be retired.

I also saw workers for the City of Tigard collecting the flags they had put up for Memorial Day weekend. The workers were rolling the flags around their poles, which is okay, but then they were just throing them in the back of an old pickup truck, with the flags themselves laying on the floor of the bed. No protective tarps, nothing. Just the old rusted bed.

No one respects anything anymore, and we don’t teach our children that there are certain ways we treat the flag. We need to get back to that. It is important that our children know and understand that the flag represents our nation. It does not represent our government, it represents us. If we can’t treat it with the respect it deserves, then we can’t treat each other with the respect we deserve.

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