Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

Posted on June 18, 2013. Filed under: Society |

English: State seal of North Carolina

State seal of North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the “one of the most incredibly dumbassed ideas I’ve ever heard” department:

In North Carolina, Superintendent of Public Instruction, June Atkinson asked the State Legislature to increase the state’s competitiveness in teacher’s pay by exempting them from personal income tax.

Teachers used to be one of of the most important people in a child’s life. Now the schools have just become mass brainwashing factories, where kids are not taught how to use logic and reason (or develop math skills, for crying out loud), but taught how to think and what to think.

My 11 year old nephew is always going on about Obama and all the good he’s doing. When I was 11, all I cared about was when the next issue of Batman was coming out. When I ask him about math, he just kinds of shrugs and says they haven’t done that yet. He can add and subtract, multiply, but he struggles with division. He explains to me how they are trying to teach him, and I get lost, and I consider myself pretty good at math.

He can’t even point out the State of Oregon on a map.

North Carolina ranks #46 in teacher’s pay, with starting salaries at about $30,800. According to the article, it takes five years for the teachers to start making more than $31,000. Is that because of a 5 year probationary period, a pay freeze for 5 years? The article does not disclose why it takes so long for teachers in North Carolina to get a $300 raise.

The idea is that by giving teachers more take home pay, that will attract better teachers to North Carolina.

“Those supporting a cut in corporate income taxes say that the reduction will attract more corporations and then we will have more jobs for North Carolinians. I propose another reduction: Exempt all public school teachers from having to pay any personal state income taxes.”

The logic is stunning to me. On the one hand, the State is trying to attract businesses to create jobs to employ the people of the State (and expand the tax base in the process), while on the other, the superintendent wants to attract people, while reducing the tax base.

Cutting taxes for corporations is not exempting them from taxes.

What was that the left was saying about the rich not paying their fair share? No the teachers in North Carolina want to get out from under “their fair share”.

No worries. the rich can make up for it.

Now that one class of people wants a “special exemption”, others will come clamoring for exemptions.

More unions, that is.

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