Is Amnesty What’s Best for Our Nation?

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Smuggler's vehicle gets stuck on border fence

Smuggler’s vehicle gets stuck on border fence

Let’s see if this makes sense.

If we allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country, and “do nothing”, that amounts to de facto amnesty. So, instead of granting them de facto amnesty, we should just grant them full amnesty.

Does that make any sense at all?

Well, that’s what top Republican donors are pushing our representatives to do, to be seen as “welcoming immigrants, who can be won over to the GOP cause”.

No wonder the GOP is losing so badly. Not only are their candidates morons, their donors ain’t so bright, either.

If we do “nothing”, we grant them de facto amnesty.

Well, that’s why we have laws and an enforcement division, to do “something” about it. We have a “Congress” to do something about it, but they refuse to do the right thing and instead pander to them. It is the government, starting with the criminal at the top who refuses to do anything, who refuses to put those tools in place which would send the illegal alien community packing on their own, like the e-verify system to verify social security numbers. Laws that would not allow employers to deduct payroll expenses from their taxes if they did not use the e-verify system. If employers stop hiring these people, they will move on.

The people who come here from Mexico are not immigrants, they are migrants. There is a big difference. Immigrants come to a place permanently, where a migrant tends to move around from job to job.

But the left and the media keep interchanging the use of the word immigrant and migrant to make you believe they are one and the same. They aren’t.

The Democrats are all hot and bothered about granting amnesty, because they see these pools of illegal immigrants as new Democrat voters. The Republicans are fast becoming the same way.

But granting amnesty in a nation where unemployment is still unreasonably high is not going to ease the employment situation at all.

Teenage unemployment: high.

Unemployment in the black community: high.

By granting amnesty to illegal aliens, how does that help these two groups?

In fact, what has this president done for the black community?

And still, they blindly follow.

The problem isn’t the Democrats. The problem is the “establishment” Republicans who are aligning with Tea Party wannabe’s like Marco Rubio.

Lindsey Graham. John McCain. Mitch McConnell. John Boner. (I know that’s not how you spell his name).

They would rather be Democrat light than be something different, to stand out.

And that in itself is another problem. The likes of Rand Paul aren’t different. They are posers and pretenders, trying to find a path to the Presidency.

If we grant amnesty, how does that help this nation?

In Oregon, in order to renew my driver’s license, I have to provide a birth certificate, provided by the state for a fee, of course, while the illegal immigrant has to show a Metricula Consular card, basically a card that says they are a Mexican National and not her legally, to be granted a “driving privilege” card.

I’m tired of my tax dollars being used to pay for welfare, food stamps and WIC for people who can’t speak English. I’m tired of my tax dollars being spent on voter’s pamphlets being printed in Spanish. If you have not sufficiently mastered the English language enough to read it reasonably well, you shouldn’t be voting.

I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen in my own friggin’ country!

“No human being is illegal!”


No one said YOU were illegal. Your presence here is illegal. Your actions are illegal. If you take that to mean that YOU are illegal, well, that’s a you problem, and if you weren’t doing something illegal, you wouldn’t be so defensive about it.

The government’s priorities are out of whack. They think spying on its own citizens is more important than securing the borders as a means of protection. After all, the citizens are a greater threat to the government  than terrorists are a threat to the public. The government does not intend to protect the public, or provide for the common defense. The government intends to protect itself.

And they wonder why we call them tyrants.

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