Nanny Bloomberg’s Program of “Stop & Frisk” Unconstitutional

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Bloomberg as The Nanny

Bloomberg as The Nanny (Photo credit: swanksalot)

A Federal judge ruled yesterday that New York City’s policy of “stop and frisk” was unconstitutional. In other words, it’s against the law.

Nanny Bloomberg, who knows what’s best for us all has suffered his second defeat this year.

Stopping someone on the street an d frisking them just because goes against the Fourth Amendment, no matter what the Nanny proclaims. Searching someone without probable cause or a warrant is not allowed. It doesn’t matter if the person is black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian, or white.

Bloomberg maintains that the police have confiscated thousands of guns, and they have saved countless lives.

In other words, this is an extension of Bloomberg’s war on the Second Amendment.

To stop a black man and frisk him as he walks down the street, then confiscating a gun just because he may have one? What made you think he might be carrying a gun? Was he brandishing it?

Oh, he was “fidgety”, looking over his shoulder? Walking a certain way?

Seriously? That’s your probable cause?

But what this amounts to is a victory for a community that feels that they get no justice in the court system. Blacks are suspicious of police, and with good cause. Look at New York and how the cops treat them. Look at Los Angeles, which has had a corrupt police force for decades.

We’ve come a long ways from the days of Adam-12.

A black man goes on a murder spree in Los Angeles. Instead of bringing him in, the police (sheriff) burns him alive. It conveniently leaves little evidence.

I’ve read quite a bit about the stop and frisk program, and I agree that it is wrong, but it won’t stop Bloomberg and his anti-gun crusade.

In his mind, the ends justify the means, no matter how many people he has to trample over to get what he wants.

Bloomberg is the epitome of what’s wrong with our government. He’s a Democrat in disguise.

He is like most other Democrats whose policies hurt the black community, yet they continue to vote for the Dems, election after election, to their own detriment.


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