America Not Interested in Spying on Ordinary Americans, Wait, Yes We Are!

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Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I want to make clear, once again, that [I am going to lie to you and tell you that] America is not interested in spying on ordinary people,” said President Obama a week ago.

This phony scandal won’t go away.

Okay, the part in brackets is mine, but whenever the President says that he wants to be clear, that means he’s lying.

When you get down to brass tacks, he is telling the truth, as far as that goes. America is not interested in spying on ordinary Americans, but the government is.

The Washington Post broke a story today that says that the NSA has broken privacy laws thousands of times per year during their data mining of your personal information.

Thousands of times.

Once or twice is a mistake. Thousands is a trend.

Welcome to the new police state, where the government has hundreds of databases so they know everything about you.

Whether or not you own a firearm.

Your financial records.

Your phone records.

Your emails.

Your Facebook/Tumbler/Instagram/MySpace/twitter posts.

Your Google searches.

Where you ate lunch last Thursday.

What you ordered.

Your financial transactions.

Your medical records.

Your driving records.

Your tax returns.

Your school records.

What does the government need with all of these records, if not to spy on us, the ordinary Americans?

The Obama administration has provided almost no public information about the NSA’s compliance record. In June, after promising to explain the NSA’s record in “as transparent a way as we possibly can,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole described extensive safeguards and oversight that keep the agency in check. “Every now and then, there may be a mistake,” Cole said in congressional testimony.

Didn’t Obama promise in 2008 to be the most transparent administration in history? He’s beginning to make Dick Cheney look ethical.

Every now and again there may be a mistake?

The Founding Fathers thought that the role of government was to secure the rights of the people, but the nature of government is to oppress people and protect itself, to look out for its own best interests, not ours.

Constant violations of the 2nd, 4th, 5th Amendments, yet we still have people who rationalize it by saying “it’s been going on for years”.

Does that make it any more right?

Government has moved from doing the work of the people, to doing the work of those who have a nefarious agenda.

We import food from China. CHINA! Where their food regulations are so loose, that pretty much anything goes. No wonder we have are having so many outbreaks of e coli and other diseases.

We give money to countries like Egypt, arm Syrian rebels who are in reality, our enemy while people starve here. We pass legislation for healthcare that will ultimately screw the poor and middle class, all the while lying and saying it will help us. It may help one person, for every 100,000 it screws over.

The government is out of control. These agencies, like the NSA and the IRS don’t feel they have to answer to Congress, then we are told there is Congressional oversight.

Where? Where is this oversight?

The IRS has refused to testify before Congress over the Tea Party scandal. The CIA problem in Benghazi was glossed over behind closed doors, and the department head was scapegoated. The NSA insists there is nothing to see here, and is twisting itself into pretzels trying to hide it, as is the CIA.

Erstwhile Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is being pushed by the media to run in 2016. That’s who they want for President in 2016.

Our relations with foreign countries have deteriorated under her watchful eye, while she was off in Australia at wine tastings and banquets. Our relationship with Israel is strained, Putin openly mocks Obama. No one hears from China anymore. Al-Qaida is back in business. Current Secretary of State Lurch can’t get an appointment with world leaders even if he pretends to be someone else.

Yet Bush was mocked because we weren’t “respected” in the world.

This nation is in need of another Ronald Reagan to save us. Since he left office, we have had a President who vomited on foreign dignitaries, a President who was more interested in blow jobs than his job, a President who ultimately drove the economy into the ground, and a useless President who has been unable to do anything right, be it foreign relations, recovering the economy, growing jobs or whatever. Instead, he and his family traverse the world and vacation on the taxpayers dime.

Where have the Ronald Reagans gone? Where are the statesmen?

If ever the country was in need of a statesman, it is today.

America has survived bad presidents before, but that doesn’t mean it will continue to do so, and that it can survive a string of them.

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