Entitlements Are the Epitome of Selfishness

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ObamaCare (Photo credit: wstera2)

Every Sunday during the summer, my wife and I work at the local farmers market, selling our wares for about 5 hours. Why do I do this? Because there have been various times in the last 6 years that I have found myself unemployed.

Our neighbors at the market, who I will call Sharyl and Arlene,  are very nice people, but as I discovered this weekend, at least one of them is very ill informed. Sharyl’s sister, Arlene, needs insurance for some condition that she has, and Sharyl pointed out to Arlene that the Obamacare exchanges are coming online in October, and she could get government subsidized healthcare with cheaper premiums. Never mind that Arlene lives in a single income household, and her husband doesn’t work for some reason or another.

I explained to Sharyl that the exchanges in Oregon aren’t coming online in October as promised. I told her that Obamacare is a giant clusterfuck in the making, that the reason “premiums were going to be so cheap” is because the deductible is going to be sky high. Sharyl countered that of course your co-pay was going to be higher, to which I had to tell her that the co-pay and the deductible were not the same thing.

She immediately switched gears and said that we should have gone to single payer to begin with.

Really. So I looked at her and said “Why is it the responsibility of the taxpayers to make sure you get healthcare coverage? We have enough trouble paying our bills as it is, and you want to dump this on top of it?”

The gears in her head made that grinding noise, as she changed them again.

“Then we need to stop funding the military-industrial complex”.

Ah, yes, the leftist mantra. No military-industrial complex. No paying for defense of our nation. We pay much more than we need to, spending x000% more than China.

There’s a reason we’re a superpower, and we are still eons ahead of China and Russia. It’s because of that spending.

I told her that we needed to stop bailing out Obama’s cronies on Wall Street and reform the tax code to allow some of these “greedy” companies to bring their money back to the US. I also told her that the government is screwing us all by requiring all of us to buy individual insurance, while exempting unions, his corporate campaign contributors, and pushing back the employer mandate (which he does not have the authority to do).

Her answer to why taxpayers should be responsible for her healthcare? “I don’t care”. As long as she gets it for free, she doesn’t give a shit who pays for it.

For the record, Sharyl openly brags about all of the movies she has seen online for free, illegally. I got the exact same response when I told her that it is people like her that are diving up costs for the rest of us, she said that she didn’t care.

So, for those out there who think that fraud in the government entitlement system isn’t a big deal, remember, there are a lot of Sharyl’s out there who just don’t care what it costs the rest of us, just as long as they get it for free. I’ve known people who don’t care who pays for their children’s college education, as long as it wasn’t them.

That’s the crux of the entitlement system. There are those who will abuse it, and don’t care because they aren’t “paying for it”, and there are those who won’t abuse it, but feel that someone else other than them should be responsible for it.

The entitlement system is based on selfishness. What can you give me or do for me? If you can’t. I have no use for you, and if you speak up, you hate hungry children/sick people/the elderly/the poor, and it is you who are being selfish.

No, I hate people who are too lazy to do for themselves. I hate people who project their issues onto everyone else.

And I hate people who take my tax dollars and squander it on Prime Rib & Lobster.

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