Syria: Where Are All the Bush Anti-War Protesters?

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Secretary of State Lurch

Secretary of State Lurch

The big news for the last week or so has been the chemical attacks in Syria. Yesterday, Secretary of State Lurch came out and said that the use of chemical weapons was undeniable, and that the Obama administration would hold the Assad government accountable for these attacks.

Of course, someone must have forgotten to tell the President. While Kerry insists that we will do something, Obama has been vacillating, something he is very good at (the White House calls it deliberating).

What’s clear is that chemical weapons have been used, more than once on civilians. What’s not so clear is which group is using them.

One of the things that has been whitewashed by the media is that the Syrian “rebels” are al-Qaida in disguise. They aren’t on the run, like we’ve been led to believe. They are trying to overthrow a regime and set up a terrorist state (most likely under the guidance of Syria’s ally, Iran).

Lurch tells us that Assad’s government used them. Assad’s government says that they haven’t, that Kerry is a liar and a poopyhead besides.

Despite Kerry’s “strong language” (we denounce you in the strongest possible terms), a UN inspection team has yet to determine if an attack even took place, or who performed the attack.

Syria is of no national or strategic value to the United States. We should not be wasting resources getting involved in Syria.

What I want to know is this. When Bush invaded Iraq, the streets were flooded with the “no blood for oil” crowd, oil which I am still waiting for to bring my gas prices down. Syria is nothing more than a giant desert. There is nothing there of value, not even oil. I mean, they have some, but not a lot of oil, compared to the likes of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Where’s the “no blood for oil” crowd? Or is it just “no blood for oil as long as we have a Republican president”? The silence is deafening.

This president is so weak on foreign affairs. He has done more to destabilize the Middle East than any previous president. He uses drone strikes to attack anyone in any sovereign nation he so chooses. World leaders ignore Lurch, or make him wait for hours before seeing him.

While Obama waffles, the war machine is gearing up for cruise missile strikes, possibly drone strikes and air strikes. Of course, remember Clinton back in ’93 and the cruise missiles he fire at Afghanistan in retaliation for the first WTC attack? Democrats since LBJ want so badly to prove that they are tough, but it is hard to believe when the CinC has such contempt for our military.

Meanwhile, both Russia and China are warning the US against taking action. The Russians and the Americans were supposed to meet at the Hague in the Netherlands to find a political solution, but the US cut those meetings off.

And Bush was accused of acting unilaterally.

This entire administration is the Keystone Kops revisited. Our government is supporting our enemy, al-Qaida. The CIA was trying to run weapons to them last year, resulting in the death of two State Department personnel and two former Navy SEALs, then the government lied about it. Butt buddies John McCain and Lindsey Graham both support the Syrian rebels, AKA al-Qaida, making them both bigger traitors than Edward Snowden.

Where are the protesters? Where are the outraged people filling the streets and blocking traffic in protest over the US getting involved in Syria, like they did in 2003?

How convenient that they look the other way when it is their guy in office.

UPDATE: I have to update this because I saw some liberals on Facebook saying they weren’t protesting Syria, because we aren’t at war with them, so there is nothing to protest, then they all had a laugh about it.

How quickly they forgot that they were protesting the non-existent Iraq War in February, 2003, when we were not at war with Iraq. We invaded Iraq in March, 2003, not February. It’s always convenient when they try to change history.

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Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago; baring in mind what you’ve written you may be interested.

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