Obama Wants to “Punish” Syria

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Another day passes, and Obama dithers for another day. The White House announces that the President will address the nation about Syria, then suddenly he won’t.

Obama has John Kerry Syndrome. He won’t make a decision until he is sure which way the wind is blowing, so he sits in the White House with his finger in the air, waiting.

The UK has said no to getting involved, as have the Germans. Have you ever known the Germans to decline taking part in military action in a foreign country?

France still wants to go, as long as they think the US will go. If we back down, the French won’t act on their own, because they would have to pay for it.

But even if France were to suddenly decide they wanted nothing to do with it, Obama has signaled that he will go it alone if he has to.

You know what’s that’s called?

Unilateral military action. Something the left crucified Bush over for invading Iraq, despite the fact that he did not act unilaterally.  Did he heed the UN? No, and he should not have. Obama should not heed the UN, but he should heed Congress and the people of this nation. We have no business getting involved in the Syrian civil war.

The Obama administration has maintained that the Assad government “must be punished” for what they did, even though the evidence is not completely in.

Doesn’t this sound familiar, though?

Obama has a special talent when it comes to “punishing” his enemies. He has punished his political enemies by unleashing the IRS on them, and by some reports, they are still scrutinizing conservative groups more than liberal ones. He has unleashed the NSA on the people of this country, to spy on our communications, to monitor our financial transactions, what we do on the internet, in short, to watch us, just in case we might do something wrong.

But he has also signaled his utter incompetence by warning Syria, and allowing them time to move troops, equipment, and government officials out of harms way. The only people who will get killed will be civilians, unless he pulls a Bill Clinton and fires missiles at empty tents.

It’s intentional without a doubt, that he is warning the enemy before he lobs a hand grenade, but it is still incompetence, and it is no wonder the military doesn’t like him. He’s an amateur and a joke. It’s no wonder that Putin makes fun of him and tweaks his nose whenever possible.

But we’re more respected in the world.

Yeah, right.

It has often been said that the US is not the world’s police force, and this is why other countries hate us so much and complain that we act like the police of the world. The government of Syria is not our friend. Neither are the rebels. In fact, the rebels are our enemies.

But Minitrue is trying to erase that from history.


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Interesting post. It’s still pretty precarious, you might be interested in this: http://rileyfrost.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/what-are-the-concequences-of-military-intervention-in-syria/

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