Putin: Saying Americans are Exceptional is Dangerous

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Vladimir Putin - Caricature

Vladimir Putin – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

In the New York Times this morning, an editorial from Vlad the Impaler, I mean Vladdy Putin of all people was run in the op-ed pages. The piece is designed as a counter to the President’s speech Tuesday night. Obama again offered no evidence that the attack was perpetrated by the Assad regime, instead stating they had seen YouTube videos.

Again with the YouTube videos.

I have said before that the Russians have offered a different version of what happened that is contrary to the official US version. While I am more inclined to believe the Russians than I am Obama, I don’t think Putin is being completely honest and forthright either. Almost everything that Obama has ever said has been proven to be false, so when he starts talking about why he wants to strike Syria and “punish” them, I tend to tune him out.

One thing that I find interesting in the column is that in the very first paragraph, Putin makes the claim that there is insufficient communication between our societies. It is pretty well known in this country that Putin does not like Obama, and he goes out of his way to mock, harangue, and tweak his nose.

But by the end of the piece, Putin says this: “My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this.”

He has a growing trust with Obama, but won’t talk to him?

Putin starts off his column by saying that our two nations were adversaries once, but we were also allies. Both of these are true, but not because we wanted to be allies with Stalin’s Soviets. It was an alliance of necessity. However, he left out the part where the Soviets were aligned with the Nazis for nearly two years, but whatever.

He then goes on to say that the United Nations was formed to prevent wars such as the two world wars from happening again. Well, the League of Nations was formed in response to the Great War, too, and where is it now?

The whole affair is ridiculous. We have Obama taking up my Jeopardy! time to address the nation and make the case for war. If you think you heard that speech before, you probably have. There are some who think Obama lifted that speech from President Bush.

Does Putin believe that the American people are all for a strike on Syria? If he does, he is grossly misinformed. But as he makes his case for non-interventionism, he does the same thing that Obama did. He presents no evidence. His piece is more or less an ode to the UN, which is looked on pretty unfavorably in this country.

The end of the piece has the piece de resistance, the payoff.

And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.

While Obama is mistaken when he says the policies of the US “make us exceptional”, Putin is taking a back handed slap at us. Americans are exceptional. Since the close of the Second World War, the United States has led the world in innovation. It is not until the last decade that things began to slow down, a result of the globalization efforts of our own government.

Is it dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional? As opposed to allowing government oppression and throwing your political opponents into prison, like the punk band Pussy Riot?

It is ironic whenever Putin talks about democracy. The Russian tyrant rigs his elections, so don’t lecture us about democracy, you ex-KGB prick. The people of Russia don’t have the same rights to free speech that we do, or protections against the government. They can’t redress their grievances, but this horse’s ass is going to lecture us about democracy.

Obama was also mistaken when he referred to the US as the “oldest constitutional democracy”. The US is a constitutional republic, not democracy. This is a common mistake most leftists make, not that they pay any attention to the Constitution.

As much as I disagree with Obama, and I really disagree with him on the point of Syria, especially with the lack of any real evidence, I think Putin is overstepping his bounds to write an editorial lecturing us on democracy and telling us it is dangerous to think of ourselves as exceptional.

He can kiss my exceptional ass.

Sorry. Had to be said.

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I agree with Putin. Americans need to stop thinking they are better than anyone!

Get real…

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