Obamacare Making Doctor Pools Shrink

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Earlier today, I tweeted about this article from the Los Angeles Times exposing that health insurers participating in the California exchange are holding premiums down by limiting access to doctors.  The insurer mentioned in the article is Health Net, and while they are on the low end, many poor people who are being forced to purchase insurance will opt for this option, because it is $100 cheaper a month. In exchange for that premium, they are being severely limited in their options for doctor care.

For example, Health Net currently offers about 2300 doctors in their network. According to the article, that is less than a third of the doctors they have in their network that they off through employer plans.

I San Diego alone, Health Net offer 204 doctors. This in a city with 1.3 million people. Granted, these 204 doctors are not the only ones in San Diego.

Blue Shield of California is offering only about 50% of their network doctors to the Obamacare exchange.

Is this not rationing?

I have written extensively about how Obamacare is going to negatively affect people, how it is effectively a war on the middle class and poor people. I have been told that I am spreading misinformation, that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and how I am only focusing on the negative.

My wife is a nurse, a very good nurse, and she can see which way the wind is blowing. She agrees with most of what I say, because she is seeing it first hand.

As for focusing on the positive things like no denial of care for preexisting conditions and kids being allowed to remain on their parent’s insurance through up through the age of 26 does not override impoverishing the poor further by having their hours cut back, or even losing their jobs over it. I have written countless articles on how people are having their hours cut back, not just at the evil, greedy “Papa John’s”, but in state and local governments and universities. Companies such as IBM and UPS are dumping spousal coverage. Many more don’t even offer it anymore.

I’ve documented how doctors are planning on retiring, because they feel they are not going to be paid enough to cover their services. Hospitals may have to shut down.

We have insurers limiting options for doctors, the number of doctors projected to shrink as Obamacare goes into effect, hospitals closing, all while the number of patients is going to increase, all on the backs of the young. Seniors seeking care will dramatically increase as more boomers reach retirement age.

Megacorporations, like McDonald’s have gone to the White House to seek exemptions to the law, as well as the larger unions such as the AFL-CIO. The employer mandate has been pushed back a year, while the individual mandate is still in place.

So, the Democrats are for the workers, how?

I’m not suggesting that the Republicans are any better. They voted to defund Obamacare, attaching it to the debt ceiling bill, but it is only symbolic. The Senate will gut it and send it back, where House Republicans will accept it and say “well, we tried”. The fact of the matter is that it won’t go away until Republicans control both the House and Senate, as well as the Presidency.

It seems that the kicker in all of this is that the White House is now saying that anyone who enrolls in one of the exchanges could become victims of fraud, and their personal information could be exposed.

At what point do the Democrats and the President stop claiming this is a good idea? I’m sure this is not what they intended when they let lobbyists write the 2700 page monstrosity of a bill. The problem is that no one in Congress bothered to read the bill (Nancy Pelosi claims she did, but she’s full of shit). There are lots of things hidden away in there, like taxes on medical devices, taxes on children’s charitable hospitals, and gun legislation of all things.

The bottom line is that for a couple of good things in the law, it is completely overridden by the negative effects that it is having on economic activity, and the effects that it will have on the poor and middle class. Certainly the poor will be subsidized a certain amount, but will they still get access to care?

The LA Times article suggests that they will still struggle to get care.

So, if they are still in the same boat they were before Obamacare, what’s the point of it other than to spend taxpayer money on another worthless program?

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