DC Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Woman on Capitol Hill

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Yesterday, a 34 year old black woman from Stamford, Connecticut was tragically gunned down by capitol police following a brief chase throw the Capitol Mall yesterday. It was discovered later that she had her two year old daughter in the back seat, who was unharmed.

Of course, politicians can’t wait to make political hay out of tragedy. After the lockdown, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee immediately got on the House floor (after the lockdown was lifted), and blamed it on the shutdown and on Republicans. This is what passes for debate nowadays. This is our government at work.

The media is reporting that this woman “reportedly” had mental issues. The NY Post goes as far as quoting CNN about search warrants, and ABC about mental health issues, and we know how good ABC’s reporting is (see the 2012 Aurora shooting for details). So, because two other news outlets reported this as fact, we are just supposed to accept it as fact. This is what journalism has become. Reporters have become lazy. Instead of doing their own jobs, they just let ABC or CNN do the work for them, then they put it in print.

A website by the name of The Cal Report said: On Thursday, a woman died as a result of driving recklessly in the capital district, crashing first at the White House barricades, and then apparently panicked when she saw the police and secret service chase her with guns drawn.

No, a woman died as a result of police shooting her. The first reports were that she had shot at them first, which was not true at all. She was not armed.

According to the Washington Post, she struck a barrier and a Secret Service agent at a White House checkpoint. She then fled the scene.

I heard on the radio today that she believed the President was going to lock down Stamford. Is this why she decided to pay a visit to the White House?

She rammed a barricade, and hit someone with her car. Okay. Does anyone stop to consider that at that moment, she realized what she was doing was wrong, and panicked? Most media outlets paint the picture that she just drove up and rammed the barricade. In reality, it was the result of an argument she got into with security officials at the barricade she hit.

It’s possible that this panic is what led her to lead police on a Hollywood style chase through the streets of Washington DC. Here’s it where it gets strange.

The Post reports: During the chase, police officers opened fire twice, both times in areas busy with tourists and office workers.

The police opened fire in areas busy with tourists and workers? Did they lose their ever lovin’ minds? Didn’t that happen in New York City just last year, and several innocent people were injured by bullets shot by the police?

After the incident, Congress thanked the Capitol Police and gave them a standing ovation.

Where’s Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Have they discovered there is no money to be made here?

The question that is yet to be answered, and CNN has started asking if teh shooting was justified, did she deserve to die because of this? She hadn’t shot at police, they shot at her, in crowded areas.

Ultimately, she got her car stuck on a barricade, and police could have apprehended her then.  I know they had her surrounded earlier, and she threw it in reverse, hit another cop car and sped off, but she wasn’t stuck then.

Of course, it’s easy for me to say. I wasn’t there in the heat of the situation. I’m not trying to justify the woman’s actions.

All I want to know is this: Did this woman deserve to die for her actions?

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