Republicans Cave on Budget Fight

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McConnell meeting with President Barack Obama.

McConnell meeting with President Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all the posturing, all the rhetoric and finger pointing, in the end, House Republicans completely caved to Democrat demands and passed a “continuing resolution” (DC speak for a spending bill), giving in completely to Reid and Obama’s demands.

It’s not like they didn’t get anything for their trouble, however.

The Senate agreed on the resolution, and sent it to the House for approval, but there were goodies tucked away inside the bill.

Funds to fix flooded roads in Colorado. Okay, I can see that.

$3 million in appropriation for a civil liberties oversight board. A Civil liberties oversight board?

I guess this is a governmental response to the NSA controversies.

But really, how much can you trust the government to watch the government?

Also included is funds for a one time payment to the widow of the late Senator Lautenburg of New Jersey. The United States government is the only system in the world where the employees get to determine how much they are paid, and their benefits. Congress should not be allowed to raise their pay unless we, the people, approve it. I’ve talked about the “Obamacare exemption” that Congress passed for themselves, requiring that the taxpayer continue to fund not only Congress’ healthcare, but the healthcare of their staffers as well. The law stated that they were not to be subsidized, but they voted themselves an exemption, and I know quite a few people who view it as Congress keeping their current plan. What other employees get to set their own healthcare plan offered by the employer?

Here’s the kicker. There is an additional $2.91 BILLION for Mitch McConnell, for construction on the lower Ohio River, known as the Kentucky Kickback. This is how Mitch McConnell’s backing was assured. Now he can go home, where he is facing a tough reelection season, and tell his constituents that he secured money for them to create jobs.

This is how things get done in Congress. All a member has to do is hold out, and sooner or later, someone will throw him a bone in the way of subsidies for his district/state. That’s how Obamacare passed. Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was a holdout until they bought him off.

It’s legalized bribery.

McConnell’s office told The Hill on Wednesday evening that the senator was not responsible for the dam funding authorization increase, instead referring to the White House and leaders of the Senate committee that is responsible for appropriations.

Of course, McConnell is not responsible for it. Reid is responsible for it. He just bribed McConnell into abandoning the Republicans in the House for his own gain.

Other than the media coverage, did anyone notice the government was shut down? The President bent over backwards to inflict as much pain on the American people as he possible could. He shut down all of the National Parks, shut down the open air Washington Mall, attempting to block World War II veterans from visiting their own memorial by barricading them. The veterans tore down the barricades and moved them to the White House, where Obama called out the riot police, just in case the men in wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs got out of control.

He shut down the National Forests, declared areas off limits to fishing and hunting. He shut down one place that is run by private funds, by barricading their parking lot.

He even evicted a pair of 80+ year olds from their home just because it sits on “Federal land”.

He refused to give death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers, because the government was “shut down”.

Just like he closed the White House to public tours during the so-called “sequester”, while taking a multi-million dollar vacation.

This man is vindictive, despicable and evil. How much money did he spend in order to achieve all this?

It shows that he cares not one whit about the American people. We are his subjects. He looks at us with scorn and disdain. When Congress refuses to do his bidding, he whips the American people as an example.

The Hill reports:

The legislation also includes specific language that aims to pay back furloughed federal government workers as soon as is practicable..

In other words, “non-essential” Federal employees just got a two week paid vacation, in addition to a pay raise in January.

The stupid thing is that we will have to listen to this crap yet again in December, because it is only in effect through January 15, 2014. The whole thing ended with the predictable whimper, but Republicans vowing that this fight isn’t over. Boehner and the Republicans have proven themselves worthless and weak. Louisiana Representative John Fleming:

“I think he has strengthened his position in leadership,” Representative John Fleming says about Boehner. “He hung in there with us. He’s been reluctant to go to these fights and now that we have stood up and fought for our values and he’s been there with us, leading, I think his stock has risen tremendously. He has great security as our leader and our speaker.” 

So, caving is the new euphemism for leadership? Boehner doesn’t know how to lead, he knows how to cave to pressure from Obama and Harry Reid.

“We all agree Obamacare is an abomination. We all agree taxes are too high. We all agree spending is too high. We all agree Washington is getting in the way of job growth. We all agree we have a real debt crisis that will cripple future generations. We all agree on these fundamental conservative principles. . . . We must not confuse tactics with principles. The differences between us are dwarfed by the differences we have with the Democratic party, and we can do more for the American people united,” [Representative Eric Cantor]  told [reporters].

So, in order to solve these problems, the House Republicans must continually cave to Senate pressure. I see how this works!

I swear, House Republicans are really Democrats in disguise.

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